Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Muslim Girls Training & General Civilization Class (MGT & GCC) Prayer/Song card

I found this song/prayer card in a Nation of Islam book entitled Defending Farrakhan 2 at the Salvation Army for 20 cents. Although Farrakhan and I share a birthday, May 11, I'm neither a follower nor do I intend to read the book but rather resell it to one of the anointed or interested.

However, I do agree with his belief that "No nation can rise any higher than it's woman." and attribute much of America's downfall to the amoralization of society and especially women. I mean that in a strictly philosophical sense though the grip of religion seemed to have remedied the issue in generations past. Anyway, this is about the card and not my beliefs.

According to the Muhammad Mosque #3 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

"The M.G.T. and G.C.C. (Muslim Girls In Training & General Civilization Class) are classes, which were designed by our Saviour Master Fard Muhammad. Through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad He revealed the perfect methods to teach and train our women and men who are the victims of slavery and its lasting effects. We continue to suffer from low self-esteem, which breathes into us a lack of confidence and determination, both necessary ingredients in the common quest for a successful humanity."

The song/prayer (if anybody can clarify which it is I'd appreciate it) goes as such:

We're the M.G.T and the G.C.C.,
Muslim Girls in Training we are striving to be!
We're determined to gain respect,
Rear our children, make them the best.
Caring for our homes and our families, too,
We, the M.G.T., are appealing to you.
Let us rise and make nations see
Righteous women in unity!

E-E-E-Elijah Muhammad!
Oh, Elijah, Elijah's Class! Oh, Elijah, Elijah's Class!

We are taught to bathe and pray five times a day.
Following Elijah to our Saviour, we say,
Thanks to Allah, Al-Hamdulillah!
For our Leader and Messenger!

E-E-E-Elijah Muhammad!
Oh, Elijah, Elijah's Class! Oh, Elijah, Elijah's Class!

E-E-E-Elijah Muhammad!
Oh, Elijah, Elijah's Class! Oh, Elijah, Elijah's Class!


Layalee said...

wonderful I am a daughter of a F.O.I. The song gives salutes to the honorable Elijah Muhammaed, it raises a woman responsiblity and pride into knowing her womanly duties in developing her children and balancing the household. Whats most great about this song is that is gives praise to Allah. For without God glory learning to be well civilized could not be taught until God made sure the black woman received the proer teachers of Islam through Elijah Muhammad. May I ask where dud you get hold of the book which held the greeting card?

the said...

At a thrift store.

Mathew said...

Parama Purusha