Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vampire Movies: Vampire Circus (1972)

Should I harp on about the New World Order and Michael Savage almost coming out of his skin the past few shows concerning Homeland Security stockpiling billions of bullets or continue with the vampire sagas? As you can surmise from the title of the post I'm still getting my vamp on.

Vampire Circus is in league with many of the early 1970s vampire flicks which provide a sound story line, some gore and, of course, boobs. Which makes sense since the Hammer film company that produced this flick was also responsible for many of the pictures in this genre during the time.

In a nutshell the movie revolves around a count who is slain by the townsfolk for abducting women and children. His gypsy vampire family forms a circus and travels Europe avenging his death. Only when they kill those responsible for putting down the count and feed him their lifeblood can he return from the moribund state of the undead. If that isn't enough to sucker you in then the fact that there's a burgermeister involved ought to.

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