Monday, March 11, 2013

The Art of Jodi Arias Pt. 3

In this third and most likely the last segment we return to the 1950s portraits, a few oddities and the standard fare Jodi Arias that we saw in the past two posts.

I don't get Frank Sinatra. Not the drawing by the same title but that people still love the old crooning dead frog. But at least 40 of them with a criminal mindset still do and they forked over $1,075 to prove it.

"Siesta" is pretty unremarkable but apparently it was alluring enough to 52 peeps who valued it at $1,525. Sold!

"Pyramids" is strikingly amateurish, plain and boring, though I do like the cloud striations. $499 worth of cloud fodder for the drooling masses.

"Guess" is a folksy kind of piece which may or may not stand for the jeans company. Hell, it could be a reproduction of one of their ads for all I know and I don't know jack shit. Done with graphite on 11x14 paper it's probably one of her better efforts.

It also has a back story. As you can see from the listing, if you're so inclined, the seller won it in a silent auction benefiting tortured animals. See, you can't say that Jodi Arias never did anything nice for anybody!

Finally there's this live auction for another in the zodiac series titled "Gemini." The asking price is a penny under a grand and that's apparently too much for the Jodi Arias fan club. I'd buy it if I had cash to waste. I would then put my pecker right through her forehead and post it here for you people to rejoice and condemn.

I also came across a few on a fan website of hers that apparently also sold on eBay. Since there are no records of the past listings I'll just post them with any info available.

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