Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Art of Jodi Arias Pt. 1

Not only did Jodi Arias have an eager beaver back in the day but she's been as busy as one creating artwork to help cover expenses for her family during the trail. At least that's the story being given by the people selling her purported wares on eBay. Drawings that have sold for as much as $3,000 and a piece of pottery which received some hate mail from shoppers.

I don't really care what people think about giving her publicity and hopefully I get hateful comments. I welcome them actually. Furthermore, I think she's innocent. Haha. No, I don't really but I wouldn't feel aggrieved if she was found "not guilty."

If she is found guilty I think they should turn her into a state prostitute instead of wasting her talents by making her sit in a cell on the taxpayer dime 24/7.  Since anything apparently goes in this day and age why not auction off her vagina and then let greasy slobs have their way with her. Of course it would be heavily guarded so that nobody could kill her but a little pain will do her some good. Plus all the proceeds could go to battered Mormon motivational speaker foundations.

As for the artwork: a few of them are actually pretty good portraits. Instead of trying to be an art critic I'll post a picture of each auction, a link to it and also the artwork for sale or which has sold or ended.

"Picasso Calla Lilies Bouquet" is one of the earliest ones which is still showing in past results. I meant to do this a few months back but slacked off until now. It was under-priced and snapped up for a cool $120.

"Pisces" is one of a few zodiac drawings that were listed. I'm not sure what it has to do with a Pisces but perhaps it has a scratch and sniff tuna patch on it. Regardless, it sold for a $100.

"Cancer" is another of the zodiac renderings. Same disconnected subject from the moniker and style as well. Likewise, it went for $100. In the old days of e-commerce we could see who bought what and could track down the perv who is probably rubbing this portrait on his crotch as I type trying to soak in her psycho essence.

"Scorpio" is next. The same modus operendi except the seller wised up and raised the selling price to $150. Ah- the trepidation of an art dealer peddling a murderer's wares.

"Capricorn" is the last of the first run of zodiac drawings but there is a "Pisces #2" which also was listed later. This one went for $150 as well.

Some may look into this drawing "Hands and Baby Feet" as Jodi's missed life dream but I don't really think much about her motive in murder or art. Nice sentiment, very long fingers. $199.99 worth.

"Unity" is a portrait of interracial hand-holding. Very touching. LOL. Maybe an homage to her own proclivities? Some would have preferred her holding hands with the devil and maybe after her conviction the "real" Jodi will come out and we'll get some dark, foreboding drawings à la Goya. It sold for $199.99.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

She is crazy, it is too bad that everything she touches has blood on it!

Anonymous said...

Her signature has a felon's claw in it.

the said...

And I bet her beaver does now as well.

Anonymous said...

What a waste . Great artist ...Horrible liar !!

Anonymous said...

I wouldent buy one of her drawings if they paid me a million dollors to buy it she is a evil bitch who cares for no one but herself

Anonymous said...

All of her drawings have been proven to be tracings! She traced pics of herself and of Travis Alexanders' sister and sold them!!