Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tech Beer Newspaper Ad

Greensburg Daily Tribune, May 27, 1942
Since I haven't really been in the mood lately to write about newsworthy stuff I figured that I would turn back to my several year obsession: old newspapers. I have several other blogs that are basically repositories for categorized newspaper articles and instead of starting another one it's probably prudent just to slap the miscellaneous ones here on my mixed bag blog.

I'd never heard of Tech Beer from the Pittsburgh Brewing Company (aka Iron City) and that's saying something since I've tried over and reviewed 500+ different beers and am well-acquainted with many of the old names due to my brother's beer can collection which he started in the 70s.

This one seems to be tailored toward the more sophisticated "technical worker" over the blue collar shlub. The tap pull look like a hood ornament, the dude drinking the beer gives off a scientist vibe and the word draft fits in with the whole tech motif.

As for the beer itself, via a quick picture search, it seems to have survived at least into the 1970s and was one of the company's most popular beers. This article details some of its history including public demand that the beer be weakened because it was originally so strong. Fools!

The brewery seems to have stalled into macro complacency these days. As is the case with most of the old-time brewers they started out selling quality fare but were regulated by the government into producing piss-water after Prohibition ended. Thankfully, that's come to an end and new providers of real beer have sprung up to take much of the market away from these guys. Still, any company ingenious enough to stay alive through a beer ban and who created the ever-brilliant Olde Frothingslosh and the Ther-Mo-Pak deserves to stay in business.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 19, 1950
I'll be posting a few more Tech Beer ads in the near future so check back.

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