Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pre-Book Review: I'm Out To Change My World by Ann Kiemel

Ann Kiemel's not your ordinary girl. In fact, if you didn't see her name on the cover you might not even know that she was a girl at all. Which isn't a really nice thing to say but it's true and so I said it. Get over it. 

So you want to know what Ann is all about, eh? She's a poet for God. In the Ferlinghetti vein but more verbose and narrative than the San Franciscan poetaster. She's also a bit feistier. Here, have a taste:


One day a girl came in on her bicycle. 
She had another friend with her
and this friend's father was president of the city college.
And she was an agnostic.
But I loved her anyway.
I wrote poetry with her;
I laughed with her.
I arm-wrestled with on the floor;
I jogged with her.
I rode a ten-speed with her.
I shared Jesus with her everytime I got a chance.

She would call me some nights
and in the middle of a conversation
she would slam the phone down in my ear..
I don't know how often the phone slams in your ear
but I didn't really appreciate it.
I mean after all,
she was the one who called me.
But I loved her.
Although, I really shouldn't say so
because sometimes I really wanted to give up.
And sometimes I really wanted to smack her in the mouth.
But Jesus in me loved her.
Through thick and thin.

And then one day seven months later
the phone rang.
She was sobbing and crying,
I don't know how to tell you.
But today at school,
in an unexpected, obscure moment,
it came to me--
God has to be.
Because no one in my life loved me the way you loved me.
If anybody can love me through my moods
and the drugs
and all my mess the way you loved me,
there has to be a God.
in an obscure moment today
I found him."

Just a month ago,
I got a letter from June.
She has Bible clubs everywhere.
Jesus is the Lord of her life.
She's out to win her family to Jesus.
She believes.
Just because somebody loved her
through thick and thin
and you see, you can't stop love,
Love finds a way through.

SEE! Jesus is the way. Ann said so. Even though I want to smack her picture in the face. And mine too. And yours as well. 

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