Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Molson Export Beer Ad

The Calgary Herald, April 5, 1966
Back in my college days I rarely if ever drank and the same went for much of my high school years. When I did, I got drunk and passed out or blacked out. Hence, my reticence. Crazy bitches and whore exes changed my mind about my teetotaler ways and semi-maturity brought on the concept of moderation.

One of the beers that I loathed during that time was Labatts. Maybe I was handed some skunked bottles or whatever but the stuff tasted worse than Budweiser to me and nothing besides Bud Light tastes that awful. Though I will say that I have had Labbats on tap and it was pretty good. Then again, most beers are much better coming from a keg.

The point that I'm getting to here is that Molsons somehow got lumped in with the other prevalent Canuck beer and subsequently was shunned as well. Plus, being that it's an import and costs much more than the macro swill available in the states it was never really an option. However, if I can ever find it or Carling Black Label in a tall boy or 40 ouncer I'll jump on that faster than a wet slut in the rain.

All that nonsense aside, I always loved the bottle design and used to collect discarded caps whenever I found them. I should have kept all of those caps from the '80s. They'd probably be worth some cash now.

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