Friday, March 29, 2013

Diehl Beer Ad

Toledo Blade, July 21, 1949
The Christian Diehl Brewing Company suffered the same fate as the previously mentioned Renner Brewing Co., as it started in the latter part of the 1800s and went defunct in the expanding marketplace of the 1950s.

The company, likewise, endured after shuttering the brewery and even did a commemorative limited edition 125th anniversary run in 1995. 

This is another beer that I'd never seen before and there will be follow-up ads from the brand in the future. Maybe I will have to start a new blog after all!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hop Gold Pale Export Beer Ad

Spokane Daily Chronicle, June 2, 1938 (enlarge)
From what I've briefly read about this beer it went through several permutations as a brand for multiple companies. It's origins date to the late 1890s as part of the Star Brewery which grew out of several other enterprises. This inculcation was from the re-enfranchised Star Brewery Co. which lasted the decade of the 1930s before changing hands once again.

As you can see the ad looks fairly modern in the concept of trying to provide a cool product for a sophisticated audience. The fact that it features the brewmaster Ed Schwind in a driving hat convinces me all by itself.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pabst Bock Beer Ad

The Milwaukee Journal, February 21, 1913
As a craft beer savant I'd love to taste the old macro brewery's original offerings as they were crafted in the old world style. I have a feeling that with the trend away from the adjunct beers that these companies will be forced to offer something of that ilk to keep pace with the exploding craft market. I hope so because I'd love to grow some chin whiskers and baaaaaah at the moon after drinking a world-beater version of Pabst Bock. Hopefully they'll bring back the home delivery too so that my fat ass doesn't have to do anything besides dial and answer the door to enjoy a beer.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Molson Export Beer Ad

The Calgary Herald, April 5, 1966
Back in my college days I rarely if ever drank and the same went for much of my high school years. When I did, I got drunk and passed out or blacked out. Hence, my reticence. Crazy bitches and whore exes changed my mind about my teetotaler ways and semi-maturity brought on the concept of moderation.

One of the beers that I loathed during that time was Labatts. Maybe I was handed some skunked bottles or whatever but the stuff tasted worse than Budweiser to me and nothing besides Bud Light tastes that awful. Though I will say that I have had Labbats on tap and it was pretty good. Then again, most beers are much better coming from a keg.

The point that I'm getting to here is that Molsons somehow got lumped in with the other prevalent Canuck beer and subsequently was shunned as well. Plus, being that it's an import and costs much more than the macro swill available in the states it was never really an option. However, if I can ever find it or Carling Black Label in a tall boy or 40 ouncer I'll jump on that faster than a wet slut in the rain.

All that nonsense aside, I always loved the bottle design and used to collect discarded caps whenever I found them. I should have kept all of those caps from the '80s. They'd probably be worth some cash now.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Grossvater Lager Beer Ad

Youngstown Vindicator, May 19, 1917
Grossvater Lager was the Renner Brewing Company's flagship beer for much of its existence. Started in the 1880s, the company survived Prohibition but couldn't withstand the shift towards national and regional breweries over local fare in the 1940s and '50s.

As the brewery fell on hard times in the 1940s their Souvenir brand became the top seller and Grossvater became an aged and outdated relic. Despite a repackaging of their staple brew sales continued to fall and the brewery ceased operations on December 8, 1952 and closed the plant for good 6 weeks later after dispensing of the last cases of beer. I'm guessing that ads like the following didn't help their cause.

Youngstown Vindicator, November 3, 1916
Just like grandpa used to drink! I bet that was a real hip sentiment back in the day. regardless, they would promptly drop a case off at your house if you called them. If that isn't proof that the "good old days" weren't indeed better than I don't know what is.

The company itself survives as the Renner Akron Ralty Co. which had been a branch of the corporation since before Prohibition. According to this informative site much of the brewery still stands as well.

This is another beer and company that I'd never heard of and probably never would have if it wasn't on the same page as a Tech Beer ad. Apparently Tech's market reached into Ohio and Pittsburgh Brewing Company's longevity probably played into the demise of both Grossvater and Renner.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tech Beer Newspaper Ad

Greensburg Daily Tribune, May 27, 1942
Since I haven't really been in the mood lately to write about newsworthy stuff I figured that I would turn back to my several year obsession: old newspapers. I have several other blogs that are basically repositories for categorized newspaper articles and instead of starting another one it's probably prudent just to slap the miscellaneous ones here on my mixed bag blog.

I'd never heard of Tech Beer from the Pittsburgh Brewing Company (aka Iron City) and that's saying something since I've tried over and reviewed 500+ different beers and am well-acquainted with many of the old names due to my brother's beer can collection which he started in the 70s.

This one seems to be tailored toward the more sophisticated "technical worker" over the blue collar shlub. The tap pull look like a hood ornament, the dude drinking the beer gives off a scientist vibe and the word draft fits in with the whole tech motif.

As for the beer itself, via a quick picture search, it seems to have survived at least into the 1970s and was one of the company's most popular beers. This article details some of its history including public demand that the beer be weakened because it was originally so strong. Fools!

The brewery seems to have stalled into macro complacency these days. As is the case with most of the old-time brewers they started out selling quality fare but were regulated by the government into producing piss-water after Prohibition ended. Thankfully, that's come to an end and new providers of real beer have sprung up to take much of the market away from these guys. Still, any company ingenious enough to stay alive through a beer ban and who created the ever-brilliant Olde Frothingslosh and the Ther-Mo-Pak deserves to stay in business.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 19, 1950
I'll be posting a few more Tech Beer ads in the near future so check back.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Art of Jodi Arias Pt. 4 + Misc. Writings

You know, after all the testimony about stabbing Travis Alexander, the semi-forced anal sex stories and the obvious psychosis of the woman, I still kind of like Jodi Arias. Not in a I'd let her babysit my 5-year-old way but as a specimen of what not to do with your life sort of way.

While I don't see her as a sex kitten the way the media portrays her--she's just a normal looking chick to me--she obviously has some appeal to average people with a slob wife and 3 kids that they ignore. As I've said before she should be used as a federal prostitute to satiate the sexual demons of many rich guys who would be willing to bid for her services for pay.

When she's not busy working as a call girl she could create drawings and sell them to pay for schools and roads. What I'm saying is that this chick could become a cash cow instead of just a statistic. Of course, on the chance that she is exonerated of first degree murder she might even become the next Van Gogh. Haha.

Anyway, I've tracked down some more art of hers and a few postcards she wrote to some "friend" who in turn sold the jottings for cold hard cashola. Which, I'm sure, is going into a trust fund for Jodi Arias. Right. Let's get this shit over with.

"Virgo" is obviously part of the "zodiac collection." You know what, fuck the Martha Stewart collection at Kmart or wherever she's peddling her wares nowadays, some chain in dire need of a new image should put out the JA collection and cause a firestorm of protest and publicity. I mean, is selling crap born of Chinese slave labor any less offensive than a murderer's art? Probably not.

At least the artwork has some intrinsic value beyond simple utilitarian needs. Obviously it would be a bit cheaper than $1,249 or whatever the best offer actually was on this piece. Either way, the portrait reminds me less of astrology and more of Virginia Madsen post-heyday and in a cameo on Monk. Which was a good thing because she was still a cougar then. Maybe she still is. Man, I'm rambling. I guess that's what happens when I don't post for 10 days even though I have a bunch of crap to slap up here on my billboard.

Oh, "Catharsis", wah wah wah. This one's a bit emo don't you think? 30 years from now this will have been passed around like a party girl and hung on the walls of 15 different tater-dicked dudes with Camaros who slap on the musk heavier than Jodi can stab. All the same it's worth a fortnight of sweat equity for the common man. $1,000.

This Gayla Lynch chick sold the postcards that she and Jodi exchanged faster than a teenage boy humping his first pack of ground beef for erotic release. Not that she owes her anything but you'd think she'd wait a little while, or at least 24 hours, after receiving her payload. I guess she needed the $75 more than a memento from a murdering pen pal. Now that we all have Jodi's address maybe we should exchange cards with her too.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pre-Book Review: I'm Out To Change My World by Ann Kiemel

Ann Kiemel's not your ordinary girl. In fact, if you didn't see her name on the cover you might not even know that she was a girl at all. Which isn't a really nice thing to say but it's true and so I said it. Get over it. 

So you want to know what Ann is all about, eh? She's a poet for God. In the Ferlinghetti vein but more verbose and narrative than the San Franciscan poetaster. She's also a bit feistier. Here, have a taste:


One day a girl came in on her bicycle. 
She had another friend with her
and this friend's father was president of the city college.
And she was an agnostic.
But I loved her anyway.
I wrote poetry with her;
I laughed with her.
I arm-wrestled with on the floor;
I jogged with her.
I rode a ten-speed with her.
I shared Jesus with her everytime I got a chance.

She would call me some nights
and in the middle of a conversation
she would slam the phone down in my ear..
I don't know how often the phone slams in your ear
but I didn't really appreciate it.
I mean after all,
she was the one who called me.
But I loved her.
Although, I really shouldn't say so
because sometimes I really wanted to give up.
And sometimes I really wanted to smack her in the mouth.
But Jesus in me loved her.
Through thick and thin.

And then one day seven months later
the phone rang.
She was sobbing and crying,
I don't know how to tell you.
But today at school,
in an unexpected, obscure moment,
it came to me--
God has to be.
Because no one in my life loved me the way you loved me.
If anybody can love me through my moods
and the drugs
and all my mess the way you loved me,
there has to be a God.
in an obscure moment today
I found him."

Just a month ago,
I got a letter from June.
She has Bible clubs everywhere.
Jesus is the Lord of her life.
She's out to win her family to Jesus.
She believes.
Just because somebody loved her
through thick and thin
and you see, you can't stop love,
Love finds a way through.

SEE! Jesus is the way. Ann said so. Even though I want to smack her picture in the face. And mine too. And yours as well. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Art of Jodi Arias Pt. 3

In this third and most likely the last segment we return to the 1950s portraits, a few oddities and the standard fare Jodi Arias that we saw in the past two posts.

I don't get Frank Sinatra. Not the drawing by the same title but that people still love the old crooning dead frog. But at least 40 of them with a criminal mindset still do and they forked over $1,075 to prove it.

"Siesta" is pretty unremarkable but apparently it was alluring enough to 52 peeps who valued it at $1,525. Sold!

"Pyramids" is strikingly amateurish, plain and boring, though I do like the cloud striations. $499 worth of cloud fodder for the drooling masses.

"Guess" is a folksy kind of piece which may or may not stand for the jeans company. Hell, it could be a reproduction of one of their ads for all I know and I don't know jack shit. Done with graphite on 11x14 paper it's probably one of her better efforts.

It also has a back story. As you can see from the listing, if you're so inclined, the seller won it in a silent auction benefiting tortured animals. See, you can't say that Jodi Arias never did anything nice for anybody!

Finally there's this live auction for another in the zodiac series titled "Gemini." The asking price is a penny under a grand and that's apparently too much for the Jodi Arias fan club. I'd buy it if I had cash to waste. I would then put my pecker right through her forehead and post it here for you people to rejoice and condemn.

I also came across a few on a fan website of hers that apparently also sold on eBay. Since there are no records of the past listings I'll just post them with any info available.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Art of Jodi Arias Pt. 2

The second batch of drawings listed went for much higher prices thanks to sensationalist journalism. Where they fetched one or two hundred dollars beforehand the prices skyrocketed into the thousands on occasion.

"Pisces #2" marks the beginning of the second run and also the last of the listing of zodiac drawings. As stated before the media coverage drove up the price substantially on this one to $1525.00

Her "Grace Kelly" portrait was the apex for her selling prices. It's also the start of a 1950s mini-series of portraits. I wonder if the family cheered when they learned they had Sheraton money now as opposed to the Motel 6 they were probably staying at beforehand. I keed I keed! Who knows where they stay and frankly who gives a shit. The drawing went for $3,050. A second listing also sold for $599.99 though it's not clear whether they are the same, a reproduction or a forgery! Egads!

Next came some interesting lithographs from the stabbing mistress. They were offered by a different seller so the authenticity is further muddled. The scenery itself in this litho looks traced and the people drawn in but what do I know? The fact that it's entitled "Mother and Child" offers no answer. The price is a modest $210.

The second in the lithograph series entitled "Love in the Air" (or is that "Blood in the Air"?!?!) is a lot more likable than the first though the heart enclosing the couple is tacky as fawk. $210 worth of tacky. There was a non-payer on the original listing and when re-upped it fetched the same price. 

This next offering is a pottery jar by another seller and frankly looks nothing like anything she has drawn. The signature looks similar but was definitely put on at a different time than the JA. In my own non-professional judgment this is a forgery and clearly not a Jodi Arias piece. Could it be a Travis Alexander piece? That was a joke people. A morbid sick joke. Whoever sculpted it created $430 worth of folk art.

The pottery listing was also the first time that questions in the form of vitriolic comments appeared on a listing. Here's the laundry list which also includes some pertinent questions of authenticity and the multiple sellers.

Next, we turn to courtroom doodles. This highly unpolished scribbling seems to have been a hit with the buying public as it topped out at $885 and 10 bids. Notice the Snow White looking girl with the black eye and tears streaming down. A foreshadowing of the defense's plan to paint her as a victim?

"Perched" is a return to the oblique portrait art. Another drawing, another seller. Any artist with an ounce of skill could probably copy her style and signature and make a few bucks before anybody caught on. Perhaps they already are. The buying public was convinced nonetheless and bid 41 times for a grand total of $1,575.

And one more post should wrap this up. be continued.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Art of Jodi Arias Pt. 1

Not only did Jodi Arias have an eager beaver back in the day but she's been as busy as one creating artwork to help cover expenses for her family during the trail. At least that's the story being given by the people selling her purported wares on eBay. Drawings that have sold for as much as $3,000 and a piece of pottery which received some hate mail from shoppers.

I don't really care what people think about giving her publicity and hopefully I get hateful comments. I welcome them actually. Furthermore, I think she's innocent. Haha. No, I don't really but I wouldn't feel aggrieved if she was found "not guilty."

If she is found guilty I think they should turn her into a state prostitute instead of wasting her talents by making her sit in a cell on the taxpayer dime 24/7.  Since anything apparently goes in this day and age why not auction off her vagina and then let greasy slobs have their way with her. Of course it would be heavily guarded so that nobody could kill her but a little pain will do her some good. Plus all the proceeds could go to battered Mormon motivational speaker foundations.

As for the artwork: a few of them are actually pretty good portraits. Instead of trying to be an art critic I'll post a picture of each auction, a link to it and also the artwork for sale or which has sold or ended.

"Picasso Calla Lilies Bouquet" is one of the earliest ones which is still showing in past results. I meant to do this a few months back but slacked off until now. It was under-priced and snapped up for a cool $120.

"Pisces" is one of a few zodiac drawings that were listed. I'm not sure what it has to do with a Pisces but perhaps it has a scratch and sniff tuna patch on it. Regardless, it sold for a $100.

"Cancer" is another of the zodiac renderings. Same disconnected subject from the moniker and style as well. Likewise, it went for $100. In the old days of e-commerce we could see who bought what and could track down the perv who is probably rubbing this portrait on his crotch as I type trying to soak in her psycho essence.

"Scorpio" is next. The same modus operendi except the seller wised up and raised the selling price to $150. Ah- the trepidation of an art dealer peddling a murderer's wares.

"Capricorn" is the last of the first run of zodiac drawings but there is a "Pisces #2" which also was listed later. This one went for $150 as well.

Some may look into this drawing "Hands and Baby Feet" as Jodi's missed life dream but I don't really think much about her motive in murder or art. Nice sentiment, very long fingers. $199.99 worth.

"Unity" is a portrait of interracial hand-holding. Very touching. LOL. Maybe an homage to her own proclivities? Some would have preferred her holding hands with the devil and maybe after her conviction the "real" Jodi will come out and we'll get some dark, foreboding drawings à la Goya. It sold for $199.99.

to be continued...