Thursday, February 7, 2013

Neo-Conspiracy Theorists & Sandy Hook

Often the worst disinformation sources come from within the truther movement itself. Wild, reckless speculation based on the unknown when there is ample evidence of official cover-ups in just about every modern scandal. 9-11 was chock full of sci-fi theories and scenarios but Sandy Hook is a far-away planet of its own when it comes to that sort of lunacy.

When I saw James Tracy's tweet from yesterday I opened it with great anticipation of further hard evidence supporting a cover up. It led to this. A letter of support for Tracy from another academic and 9-11 truther, James Fetzer of Veterans Today. I don't know anything about the guy but after reading a few paragraphs and then skimming through the article I arrived at his self-penned bibliography of necessary articles to read about Sandy Hook that were written by him. 

His "must read" article,  The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook, co-written by a fellow truther named Dennis Cimino, begins with perfunctory conspiratorial jargon and then quickly jumps the rail. The supposition, accompanied by a video from some space cadet, claims that Sandy Hook Elementary wasn't even a functional school at the time of the shooting. 

This claim is then supported by the fact that there were no cars or activity at the school on the day Bing took aerial footage for their map screenshots. The corroborating evidence is that another school did have vehicles and activity on their grounds and thus it had to be a school day and Sandy Hook was a hoax.

The big problem with this theory is that the second school featured, apparently a public middle school, could have quite easily been hosting one of dozens of potential events from a school field trip, to a baseball tournament to any possible extracurricular activity that you can conjure up. The woman even concedes as much in written updates to the video presentation and thus sours both her credibility with any skeptic and equally tarnishes Cimino and Fetzer for not vetting their "source" more closely.

Solid, credible evidence isn't to be extrapolated blindly from secondary sources, especially blogs, but from documented official sources and then sifted through with a fine-toothed comb. Of course the government media complex is going to lie. The key is to catch them in so many lies as to discredit the story in the minds of any rational intellect.

In that vein I've been combing Google and Google News for months trying to find some incriminating speck of evidence. There's little to be found. I found one article mentioning a restaurant owner and his wife, who claimed to have had a friendship with Nancy Lanza, and their hiring of a guy from the CIA. I was exasperated by the potential of some psy-op, conspiratorial smoking gun but it turned out that he was merely a student at the Culinary Institute of Arts! Bosh! Back to square one.

Today, I happened across this article concerning Sandy Hook from 2010 in the Newtown Patch which shows the supposed crisis actor Sally Cox, the school nurse, working on the premises. Yet, there are dozens of forum postings dedicated to discrediting her because her name doesn't show up in any public record as a registered RN. Which may or not even be a qualification to become a school nurse.

The point is that the information is readily available and easily found through a quick Google search. Another picture from the aforementioned article shows Heidi Warner and her daughter Grace, who was registering for kindergarten at the time. While this is actually fact-checking in reverse, a Google search brings up a few mentions of Mrs. Warner and her daughter in connection with the shooting.

These are real people, folks. Something happened in Newtown on that day. Not everybody on scene was a conspirator or paid thespian. Whether the Cabal dragged Adam Lanza's corpse onto the premises and inserted him into the drama, mind-controlled the lad to do the unspeakable deed or simply used him as a placeholder in their diabolical scheme is likely to remain a mystery. But the fact remains that something is amiss in Connecticut. Short of becoming Ressurrectionists and Dr. Frankensteins that can resuscitate the dead from eternal slumber, the only witnesses are the handlers and propagandists who marginalized us to this position of doubt and discontent to begin with. We have to dig beyond them and find their light source, expose it and then snuff their dark minds out with it.

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