Friday, February 22, 2013

Nancy Lanza's Online Footprint is a Size 0

Nancy Lanza and her son Adam, the purported Sandy Hook slayer, are the cyber equivalent to sasquatch. Everybody has their opinion on the two but nobody really knows much of anything about them. While Adam was/is basically a ghost, both in real life and the cyber world, Nancy is more or less the ultra-isolated but gigantic paw print left in the mud waiting for somebody to discover it.

I've searched in vain to that end. For somebody who was supposedly a gregarious socialite she is markedly invisible on the internet. Other than the Government-Media Spin Complex there is relatively nothing public regarding her life. Which is why I have spent countless hours scouring search engines using various combinations of keywords with filters and x'd out phrases, all for nought.

My rewards are a couple of obituaries, a few pay-per-view record searches and this petition that she signed for Don't Waste Hawleyville back in 2010:

Hawleyville is a community within Newtown and the group which sponsored the petition, HEAT (Hawleyville Environmental Advocacy Team), were residents who were fighting a solid waste dump on the property of the Housatonic Railroad. The members were concerned that their wetlands near the property were illegally being filled in and the pollution from the site was polluting the rest. They ultimately forced Housatonic to shut down the operation due to a lack of permits to engage in activities outside of their standard railway functions.

While this doesn't offer up anything concerning the school shooting it does show that she did engage with the general public via the internet and wasn't afraid to use her personal identity. Was other information scrubbed from the internet before or shortly after December 14, 2012? I suppose there's no real way of knowing but it seems quite curious that a woman of her means and aptitude, that was reportedly stuck monitoring a supposed psychotic and mental invalid, wouldn't be active on the internet. Who knows, maybe the Housatonic RR did them both in and hired the mafia to stage the crime scenes. Nothing would shock me at this point.

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