Thursday, February 28, 2013

Craigslist Missed Opportunity Romance Ads from Alaska

Taking a cue from the bi-polar Michael Savage, who has apparently come down from the endorphin rush of appearing on Alex Jones's show after ranting and raving for two straight nights, and is back to being the local talk show guy with topical subjects, I'm going for the same effect.

Tonight Savage's shtick is sex, personal ads, Catholicism, mish-mash, zzzzzz. All perfectly acceptable talk topics if you're not known for being a right wing wacko. Luckily, nobody cares enough to take me to task so I'm going to post some local Craigsist personal ads to humor myself.

I was going to do local ads but with the level of craziness on these things and the chance that I might even know one of the unhinged, I'm just going to pick a random city and go from there. Also, for those who believe in the fact that you are being spied on by your computer (mic, webcam, etc.), well... when I typed into my browser it pre-loaded info for the San Francisco and the Bay area, which is where Savage broadcasts from. How else would they know that unless the computer could hear me listening to him? Anyway...

I picked Alaska because it's remote, winter 6 months of the year and sparsely populated so the lonely hearts are tinged with mania from the climate and their ability to appease biological needs is greatly compromised. I've typed enough here so let the love speak instead (haha):

Hot bearded hipsters at Soldonta Tesoro in bumfawk Alaska come forth! If you're a liberal mountain man you're going to get your wood chopped, roasted and turned to ash by a 26 year old music maniac who just loves to dance! Of course, the fact that you're driving a light colored van that you probably cart your kids around in you'll most likely have to do it on the sly. You are, after all, a liberal mountain man and can do it all and more.

Oh, those careless whispers while daddy is playing house-momma to YOUR kids. Strange 30 in Fairbanks has the 7 hair twitch between her legs and is embroiled in multiple affairs because hubby doesn't think her slutty self is beautiful any more. What's really strange here is that I take umbrage with this sentiment even though we're on a suspended globe of water spinning recklessly in space and are all doomed.

Hey Fairbanks fraternal order of police some chick with a headlight out that you pulled over wants to pull her other headlights out for you! I can just see it now, a mustached Eskimo man in leather chaps licking his lips as he goes in for the cheddar after imbibing in the wine. Just don't bring your "screwdriver" with the magnetic tip because Gawd knows how many badges, pins and bawbles from other men are under the cushions of her futon.

Okay, this is as tedious as the Wouldya Ouija. Excelsior.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nancy Lanza's Online Footprint is a Size 0

Nancy Lanza and her son Adam, the purported Sandy Hook slayer, are the cyber equivalent to sasquatch. Everybody has their opinion on the two but nobody really knows much of anything about them. While Adam was/is basically a ghost, both in real life and the cyber world, Nancy is more or less the ultra-isolated but gigantic paw print left in the mud waiting for somebody to discover it.

I've searched in vain to that end. For somebody who was supposedly a gregarious socialite she is markedly invisible on the internet. Other than the Government-Media Spin Complex there is relatively nothing public regarding her life. Which is why I have spent countless hours scouring search engines using various combinations of keywords with filters and x'd out phrases, all for nought.

My rewards are a couple of obituaries, a few pay-per-view record searches and this petition that she signed for Don't Waste Hawleyville back in 2010:

Hawleyville is a community within Newtown and the group which sponsored the petition, HEAT (Hawleyville Environmental Advocacy Team), were residents who were fighting a solid waste dump on the property of the Housatonic Railroad. The members were concerned that their wetlands near the property were illegally being filled in and the pollution from the site was polluting the rest. They ultimately forced Housatonic to shut down the operation due to a lack of permits to engage in activities outside of their standard railway functions.

While this doesn't offer up anything concerning the school shooting it does show that she did engage with the general public via the internet and wasn't afraid to use her personal identity. Was other information scrubbed from the internet before or shortly after December 14, 2012? I suppose there's no real way of knowing but it seems quite curious that a woman of her means and aptitude, that was reportedly stuck monitoring a supposed psychotic and mental invalid, wouldn't be active on the internet. Who knows, maybe the Housatonic RR did them both in and hired the mafia to stage the crime scenes. Nothing would shock me at this point.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pre-Book Review: Why Couldn't I Be An Only Kid Like You, Wigger by Barbara Shook Hazen

I guess I shouldn't preface the title of this book with the expectation of a book review but I will anyway. When I found this one on the thrift store shelf I had to do a triple take to make sure that what I was seeing wasn't too good to be true but wigger it is!

The best part about the wigger kid is that he's neither a wigger nor did his creation come about in the wigger age. I guess that's probably obvious from the Dutch Boy haircut, the liederhosen floods and Buster Browns. Anyway, it's another useless project to add to the growing stack.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pre-Book Review: The Suburban Bitch

My preference would be to write about the unsolved murders of Terrance Yeakey and Kenneth Trentadue. But seeing as I don't have a staff of lackeys to write articles for me during the busy days and the banner description lists both books and claptrap as subject matter appearing on this blog, I'm forced to go with the latter.

This self-published book by Miss Billi Wong Tiller produces a paradox right off the bat, or the cover as it were. The so-called "Suburban Bitch" title transposed with a picture of a smiling black woman and an equally jovial white missy in a matching skirt is confusing enough. Add to that her surname with the apparent Chinese middle name and I'm not sure quite what's what here.

Flip over to the back cover and the confusion intensifies. The author, Billi herself (I believe that's her on the front cover as well), is donned in what looks like traditional African regalia and looks anything but a suburban bitch or a bitch at all.

But this is fiction, right? Sure, but then how do you explain this on her dedication page:

Dun dun dun dun! SATAN! Maybe she's into that voodoo shit. With "Goat" as a sobriquet you'd hope to hell she was.

I have a feeling that this is going to be neither In Search of Goodpussy or Tally's Corner nor Black Muscle but if there's any truth to the fact that she loves Beelzebub then by gawd there better be no part of the Coz in this book or else I'll be gravely disappointed.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Neo-Conspiracy Theorists & Sandy Hook

Often the worst disinformation sources come from within the truther movement itself. Wild, reckless speculation based on the unknown when there is ample evidence of official cover-ups in just about every modern scandal. 9-11 was chock full of sci-fi theories and scenarios but Sandy Hook is a far-away planet of its own when it comes to that sort of lunacy.

When I saw James Tracy's tweet from yesterday I opened it with great anticipation of further hard evidence supporting a cover up. It led to this. A letter of support for Tracy from another academic and 9-11 truther, James Fetzer of Veterans Today. I don't know anything about the guy but after reading a few paragraphs and then skimming through the article I arrived at his self-penned bibliography of necessary articles to read about Sandy Hook that were written by him. 

His "must read" article,  The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook, co-written by a fellow truther named Dennis Cimino, begins with perfunctory conspiratorial jargon and then quickly jumps the rail. The supposition, accompanied by a video from some space cadet, claims that Sandy Hook Elementary wasn't even a functional school at the time of the shooting. 

This claim is then supported by the fact that there were no cars or activity at the school on the day Bing took aerial footage for their map screenshots. The corroborating evidence is that another school did have vehicles and activity on their grounds and thus it had to be a school day and Sandy Hook was a hoax.

The big problem with this theory is that the second school featured, apparently a public middle school, could have quite easily been hosting one of dozens of potential events from a school field trip, to a baseball tournament to any possible extracurricular activity that you can conjure up. The woman even concedes as much in written updates to the video presentation and thus sours both her credibility with any skeptic and equally tarnishes Cimino and Fetzer for not vetting their "source" more closely.

Solid, credible evidence isn't to be extrapolated blindly from secondary sources, especially blogs, but from documented official sources and then sifted through with a fine-toothed comb. Of course the government media complex is going to lie. The key is to catch them in so many lies as to discredit the story in the minds of any rational intellect.

In that vein I've been combing Google and Google News for months trying to find some incriminating speck of evidence. There's little to be found. I found one article mentioning a restaurant owner and his wife, who claimed to have had a friendship with Nancy Lanza, and their hiring of a guy from the CIA. I was exasperated by the potential of some psy-op, conspiratorial smoking gun but it turned out that he was merely a student at the Culinary Institute of Arts! Bosh! Back to square one.

Today, I happened across this article concerning Sandy Hook from 2010 in the Newtown Patch which shows the supposed crisis actor Sally Cox, the school nurse, working on the premises. Yet, there are dozens of forum postings dedicated to discrediting her because her name doesn't show up in any public record as a registered RN. Which may or not even be a qualification to become a school nurse.

The point is that the information is readily available and easily found through a quick Google search. Another picture from the aforementioned article shows Heidi Warner and her daughter Grace, who was registering for kindergarten at the time. While this is actually fact-checking in reverse, a Google search brings up a few mentions of Mrs. Warner and her daughter in connection with the shooting.

These are real people, folks. Something happened in Newtown on that day. Not everybody on scene was a conspirator or paid thespian. Whether the Cabal dragged Adam Lanza's corpse onto the premises and inserted him into the drama, mind-controlled the lad to do the unspeakable deed or simply used him as a placeholder in their diabolical scheme is likely to remain a mystery. But the fact remains that something is amiss in Connecticut. Short of becoming Ressurrectionists and Dr. Frankensteins that can resuscitate the dead from eternal slumber, the only witnesses are the handlers and propagandists who marginalized us to this position of doubt and discontent to begin with. We have to dig beyond them and find their light source, expose it and then snuff their dark minds out with it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Michael Savage Method For Getting off Cocaine

Anybody who has even remotely researched talk show host Michael Savage knows of his checkered past as a tottering right wing apostle with borderline beatnik tendencies. A notion that isn't quite so foreign when you consider Jack Kerouac's ideas on the origin of the Beat movement, which he also founded.

But he also has an academic background, highlighted by his pretentious use of the Ph.D. suffix at the end of his given name, Michael Weiner, and also through a litany of published books covering the gamut of alternative medicine and nutrition.

While he has mentioned many of these books, including his guide to beers and breweries of the world, I had never come across his tome for getting off cocaine. After reading a few reviews which state that he suggests coffee enemas, vitamins and a healthy diet to ward off the addictive properties of the drug I'm almost tempted to become a coke head to test his theories.

Of course, I'm also too broke and curmudgeonly to ever venture off into such wild escapism but it's worthy of a dreamscape scenario on the internet. I'm wondering if anybody has ever utilized the book with any kind of success. I have a feeling that anybody with the propensity to get hooked on hard drugs lacks the discipline to follow a strict diet and/or an exercise routine. I'm hardly one to talk being that I'm a fat bastard extraordinaire.

And an article by Allan Horing discussing the book after interviewing the savage weiner:

The Akron Beacon Journal, May 22, 1984