Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who is Mimi Al-Laham (Syrian Girl)?

Alex Jones loves her. YouTubers drool over her physical beauty. But there's also a faction who call her a misinformation agent, a mouthpiece for Assad and a government spy. So who is Syrian Girl?

As a burgeoning political and social media figure she has garnered nearly 1 million views on YouTube alone. Not to mention almost 11,000 followers on Faceook and about half that many on Twitter. Aside from her husky and deliberately labored speech, flavored with both Syrian and English (think England) affects, she is an ardent supporter of Syrian nationalism. That is, being no supporter of most existing world governments, a desire for Syria to remain autonomous from international influence.

When she appeared on the Australian television program "Insight" concerning the Syrian civil war, as viewed by Syrians living in that country, she was identified as a Sunni named Mimi Al-Laham. In her own words she's an Assad supporter insomuch as he's better than the Obama Regime backed alternative, the Muslim brotherhood, who are known al-Qaeda operatives and puppets of the New World Order. She's also for the reform process and surmises that an overthrow of Assad would lead to the destruction of Syria while gradual, democratically-inspired change would be a stabilizing force and the true will of her people.

A self-described member of the former bourgeois ruling-class that was deposed from power during the Bathist coup, she would like to run Syria herself one day. Her grandfather was in government and she believes that the only path for Syrian sovereignty is through diplomatic reform, believing that her country will become another Afghanistan if left to the desire of outside forces (NATO, Israel and the United States). A fact that has not evaded one of Syria's staunch enemies in Israel.

Outside of the media attention her personal life is a mystery. She is believed to be residing in Australia with her father.


Unknown said...

Yes, she does live in Australia.

When people defend the "rebels", nobody calls them misinformation agents, spies, terrorist supporters, wahhabists, Al-Qaeda lovers etc.

Anonymous said...

She may be in Australia or possibly New Zealand, where she would have more safety than being in Sydney where wahhabi thugs routinely attack shiites without fear of arrest or jail.
She also has hinted that she is not necessarily a baathist and as we are seeing that many Assad supporters are of various political and religious beliefs.
Anything is better than a saudi wahhabi.....anything!

Anonymous said...

You're all misinformed, oversexed mormons.

She is Sunni, yes, but like many religions she is obviously not a hardliner. She has SPOKEN OUT AGAINST Assad's regime. She is simply stating that Syria was *better off* under Assad, but was by no means perfect. She is not a "wahabbist". She is not a Salafist either. Syria is an ancient and beautiful SECULAR land, and has had Muslims, Christians and Jews living together for THOUSANDS of years, and now USA, UK, Israel and rest of the west (as well as drumming up support via Zionist-run media) are paying for children willing to martyr for the FSA (The WESTERN/ISRAEL [Al-Qaeda/Al-CIADA] opposition to Assad, women are being raped, enslaved and murdered as well as HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of civilians. Who is supporting this monetarily? YOU ARE.

The thread on where she lives sickens me. Stop thinking with your dicks. Why does it matter where she lives?

I weep for our future.

Jeff Mitchell said...

Good article, thank you for writing! Syrian Girl was recently at a pro-Syria/pro-Assad rally in Sydney, you can find it via handsoffsyria on Youtube. This is a very interesting issue indeed. Welcome to the propaganda war.

Zak Totkoff said...











































Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much lies there are in this article. I suppose it's just a matter of misinformation. Please watch her videos and then you'll understand what's her real position

Anonymous said...

She is definetly NOT syrian. She doesnt even pronounce the name of her country correctly. A real syrian would never say it like that.

I suspect she maybe is Iranian as her accent is not Arab-ish but rather Farsi-ish.

Anonymous said...

There is something to it aNONYMOUS indeed...i was wondering what is going on myself but perhaps she know a couple of languages and this twisted her accent. It is possible I picked up German accent while living there and it seems to be stack to me even though now I have to use English ... people ask me if I came from Germany even though I am Russian ...

Christian said...

I think I'm in love.

Anonymous said...

Syrian girl is actually Maram Susli living in Perth Australia in a jewish area works at uwa

Anonymous said...

The answer

Anonymous said...

I think Syrian Girl posted a comment on this post I think her post is the one that ends with; 'I weep for our future'.
Posted on June 17, 2013 at 10:25 AM

I'm so sure it is her.

As for her accent well I had the same issue myself. I was born abroad yet raised in the UK and my accent evolved in many ways and still does.

Unknown said...

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

She is just an expert in misinformation and most likely an agent of Russia. She continuously makes false statements and claims, and clearly is an extremist. She clearly supports Assad and Russia, both killing civilians!! If she is in Australia, she should be deported upon once: she is clearly anti western and anti anglo saxon and thinks Russia is the next world order!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with this woman about Assad, but she rants on in her videos about how NATO, the US and Israel are at fault for her perceived notions of mistreatment to Syria.

Stop blaming the wrong peoples. Islam is the problem.

Anonymous said...

The USA is murdering the People of Syria.

Our government is guilty of the most egregious criminal acts as defined by Nuremberg Principles, and we are bona fide members of the State Sponsors of Terrorism club.

When our government bombs the sovereign state of Syria without the consent of President al-Assad and without United Nations Security Council approval, we are committing war crimes of the highest order.

When we support and fund foreign mercenary terrorists that are invading Syria, we are state sponsors of terrorism. There are no “moderate” terrorists. The mercenaries are all being paid and enabled by the West and its allies, including Turkey (a NATO member), Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.

On all counts we are guilty. We are war criminals and state sponsors of terrorism.

Regime change operations are criminal according to international law.

A soft power complex that disseminates lies and confusion is seemingly sufficient to make gullible western audiences accept criminality, even as the pretexts for previous illegal invasions invariably reveal themselves to be self-serving fabrications.

Virginia Senator Richard Black tells the truth about Syria and Libya.

DesertSultans said...

If Islam is the problem you moron, where were these so called "terrorists" before the demise of the former Soviet Union? Where did this self=fabricated monster of USA-Israel called "terrorists" come from? Who instigated and created this monster? Political movements take decades then how come over night this self-serving "terrorists" monster apeard on world scene? How come there was no Islamic problems before the fall of the Soviet Union? When and how Islam became a boogieman? Get off of your drained-brain indoctrination by the ZioNeoCon media and the money and open your eyes! Where's your outrage about the hollocaust of the Palestinians for all these decades? Any sense of self-awareness on his issue??? Too political? Too anti-semetic to talk about Palestine? Go take a look in the mirror and what do you see????
Mohammed Cohen, USA

Anonymous said...

God, Allah, Jahwe....
they will be declared with the pocket-calculator
and the belief will turn into knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Well she is a racist, thats for sure. Her rants on twitter and social media testify to that. It defies logic as to why somebody like her with her bat s*** craziness and temper is allowed on serious platforms of debate.

In addition she does appear to be an agent of misinformation. Some of what she has said is factually untrue. Sadly most viewers/readers cant see beyond her looks. Perhaps thats part of the intention. Appearences can be so deceiving.

Unknown said...

You all problem