Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sex Pervert Terry Lee Kostiuk

A should-be, would-be Buckwheat in a rational
society but a multiple offender in the USA.
Another molester has struck again. This time in Redford, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, last Wednesday. Luckily, the story has a happy ending since the 6-year-old girl had the wherewithal to scoot away from his advancements as her mother, who was watching the scene unfold from her front door, retrieved his licence plate number. Police tracked down the suspect several hours later and he's been arraigned and charged with several felony counts including Attempted Kidnapping-Child Enticement and Attempted Accosting and Soliciting a Minor for an Immoral Purpose.

Don't bother chiming in that this sick prick is innocent until proven guilty because he has a track record of sexual perversion towards children with an even greater litany of legal slaps-to-the-hand despite repeat offenses and convictions. Seeing as the case is of local interest, the incident happened about 5 miles away from where I live, I decided to do a bit more digging into his history.

Just a simple Google search brings up several L. A. Times articles from the latter half of 2012 concerning employees and volunteers of the Boy Scouts who were accused of sexual abuse and terminated from the group. A document database, with the apt moniker The Perversion Files, included on the Times site shows that Kostiuk was rejected as a volunteer in June of 1994 due to 2 non-scout related incidents from 1984 and 1988. Below is the Ineligible Registration form for the pervert:

As stated in the above form further documentation was provided and the "two incidents" (actually numerous and officially four "incidents") are shown below:

On August 9, 1984, while most of us were gearing up for the Tigers' clinching of the American League Pennant, the sex pervert was being arrested for "Sex Offense Excluding Assault and Commercializing." Which translates to exposing himself and another unidentified "Sex Offense." The offense garnered a stiff sentence of 1 year probation and a $105 fine.

On November 27 of the same year he was charged by the Westland Police Department with once again indecently exposing himself. Westland threw the book at him with a massive $200 fine despite being a repeat offender and an obvious sexual deviant. No word if the incidents included children but his criminal history suggests that it would.

On July 13, 1988 he was charged in Redford, Michigan with a felony count of "Sex Offense Excluding Assault and Commercializing" and a misdemeanor count of "Children -- Accosting for Immoral Purpose." No further information was given in the reports.

Lastly, though on the same day as the Redford charge--July 13, 1988--he was charged with a misdemeanor of "Public Peace," whatever the hell that means, which confined him to 90 days of jail time. Which, ironically enough, seems to be equal to all of his convictions for child sex offenses combined.

He was also convicted in 1991 of soliciting a 15-year-old boy in Redford, Michigan for sex as well. The article below from the Redford Observer confirms that his earlier convictions were for similar child sex charges.

Redford Observer, August 25, 1988

Why lawmakers and judges continue to allow these monstrous acts against children to occur without severe repercussions is beyond reason. It makes you wonder why so many of them are ultra-lenient against such malicious predators. If you can stomach further details from the 1988 case(s) you can find them in the Redford Observer archive search. Why he wasn't charged in the other suspected 6 cases is unknown.

I've come across several articles which suggests that pedophilia and the trading of children both into the sex industry and among other deviants is rampant in high society. A concept that I couldn't grasp or believe despite my conspiratorial proclivities but the Jerry Sandusky case (it's been suggested that he was involved in trading children within his "peer group") and the fact that approximately 115 children go missing each day lends much credence to the concept that it's more than just an occasional anomaly among psychologically imbalanced individuals and truly is epidemic.  

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