Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gene Rosen: By Sandy Hook or Crook

Hi, I'm a trained psychologist and 6 schoolchildren just appeared on my driveway with a bus driver saying that their teacher is dead and had been shot. The first thing I'm going to do is:

a) contact the authorities
b) tell the bus driver to contact the cops while I calm the children
c) take them into my house for several hours, feed them cookies and milk, read them stories, get their phone numbers from the bus records and then call their parents.

Yeah, you guessed it, not c.

Not only is there no record of the supposed Sandy Hook hero Gene Rosen being a psychologist but he's changed his story from interview to interview. And not just minute details but factual chasms. I didn't believe his story from the first time I read about it. It's far-fetched, contrived and unbelievable. The evidence is overwhelming that the man is either confused, senile or simply lying. All which leads to speculation that there is a cover-up to a potentially staged event. The wild antics of the medical examiner, police misinformation and constantly evolving facts and the grieving parents who didn't cry once in television interviews add to this growing suspicion of the official story line.

While I can't speak to the accuracy of the media, the police or the coroner I can attest to the fact that any time my child is even in mild distress from falling or smacking her knee on a sharp corner I become emotional. Not fits of sobbing grief but when she hurts it hurts me. Just the thought of her being slaughtered in a school shooting puts me at the edge of tears. Yet, these parents who were paraded in front of the media were seemingly steeled to their cores. Let me tell you, if my child was murdered I don't think that I could even stand let alone speak and the last thing I'd do is grant an interview to some network reptile slithering up to "comfort me."

That said, harassing Gene Rosen is about as fruitful as threatening a government official. It makes the so-called "truth movement" look like a pack of raving lunatics. No good can come from it. If you think he's a liar then write your newspaper's editorial section, create a blog/blog post and point out his inaccuracies and voice your opinion to friends, family and on online discussion boards. People will call you a wacko, a conspiracy theorist and a right wing gun nut but for the seekers of truth it will serve as a dissenting opinion. Which is the point of free speech, while it lasts.

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