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Did Adam Lanza Die the Day Before the Sandy Hook Massacre?

Patsy or pariah? (enlarge)
I came across this Shepard Ambellas piece at intelhub.com concerning the Social Security Death Index record of Adam P. Lanza being dated a day prior to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. So I decided to see just how accurate these records are. Being that many of the older genealogical databases are fraught with errors is it possible that this is a mere typographical error, more evidence of a government cover-up or as some have even suggested, a warning flag from those in the know that something is amiss and a crumb to encourage truthers to keep digging?

For the record I don't believe that Adam Lanza ever stepped foot (he might have been placed there after the fact if an event actually occurred) into the school that day and was merely a patsy for a staged government terrorist act. The various witness accounts of multiple shooters, video evidence of suspects being apprehended and corroborating audio from police scanners on that day seem to support the notion. I won't, however, go so far as to say that the shootings never took place nor did any children perish. Short of exhuming the purported victim's bodies (don't even think about it) there's no way to verify the facts as eyewitness accounts can be compromised and video evidence manipulated. What's certain is that the facts don't add up and certainly don't point to some gaunt, emotionally-unstable and borderline autistic, 90 pound weakling kid carrying out a lone wolf mass murder spree.

Genealogy Bank's SSDI page (enlarge)
Since Ambellas seems to have performed a brief investigation into Genealogy Bank's methods of obtaining the Social Security Death Indexes with the site's administrators (see the comment section) and the only truly reliable way to determine the validity of their records is to fact check each record individually, I'll begin with the reported victims of the shooting. Mind you that the State of Issue on each record is the state that issued the Social Security number as opposed to the place of actual death. At least that's my understanding of the data.

For the sake of brevity the name of the victim with a link to their Social Security Death Index at Genealogy Bank will be posted below.

1. Charlotte Bacon
2. Daniel Barden
3. Rachel Davino
4. Olivia Engel
5. Josephine Gay
6. Ana Marquez-Greene (not found)
7. Dawn Hochsprung
8. Dylan Hockley
9. Madeleine F. Hsu
10. Catherine V. Hubbard
11. Chase Kowalski (not found)
12. Nancy Lanza
13. Jesse Lewis
14. James Mattioli
15. Grace McDonnell
16. Anne Marie Murphy
17. Emilie Parker
18. Jack Pinto
19. Noah Pozner
20. Caroline Previdi
21. Jessica Rekos
22. Avielle Richman
23. Lauren Rousseau
24. Mary Sherlach
25. Victoria Soto
26. Benjamin Wheeler
27. Allison N. Wyatt

Each and every one is dated December 14, 2012. So, the database is right 27 out of 28 times. Which is hardly a consensus so I also decided to check other names. Fact checking a bunch of Joe Schmoes like us would be too time consuming so I've gone with recently deceased famous persons. The names are followed by media mentions corroborating the date of their passing.

1. Daniel K. Inouye (ABC News)
2. Emanuel Steward (Wikipedia)
3. Arlen Specter (Wikipedia)
4. Gary Collins (CNN)
5. Arthur O. Sulzberger (ABC News)
6. Hal David (Wikipedia)
7. Johnny Pesky (Wikipedia)
8. Donald J. Sobol (ABC News)
9. Glenn "Bo" Schembechler (Wikipedia)
10. Pedro Borbon (ABC News)
11. Dan Quisenberry (Wikipedia)
12. Soupy Sales (Wikipedia)
13. Dom DeLuise (Wikipedia)
14. George Steinbrenner (Wikipedia)
15. Kurt Vonnegut (Wikipedia)

After choosing a few random recent deaths I tossed in a few personalities with distinct names and all came back with the correct information. This is hardly scientific but in a test sample of 42 random entries all were accurate. If there are clerical errors on Genealogy Bank they seem to be isolated.

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