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A Babs Wingo Repository

Jet; August 25, 1955

It'd be wholly dishonest if I didn't admit that 90% of my fascination with black women wrestlers from the 1950s and '60s is due to the name Babs Wingo. The sport itself doesn't interest me much and not even the enticement of women throwing each other around adds any further appeal. But that name alone is pure lyricism. It's distinctly female but also superhero-esque. Plainness given wings if you will.

All that aside I've come to the conclusion that I need to compile another database. As such Babs and her female cohorts will be part of it. Although most of the female portions of newspaper articles concerning wrestling are afterthoughts, the opponents and results of each match have some historical value. At least to me they do. While the endgame value isn't extraordinary in terms of the sporting world, the uniqueness of their endeavor and pioneering spirit is quite substantial.

The Southeast Missourian, September 23, 1955


Policeman Hero At Mat Show; The Milwaukee Sentinel, July 27, 1952

Record Crowd Sees Mat Show; Baltimore Afro-American, December 2, 1952


Women Grunters To Vie At Coliseum; Baltimore Afro-American, February 14, 1953

Mean Girl, Good One To Wrestle In Cape; Tag Event On; The Southeast Missourian, July 10, 1953

Beef-Type Men, Girlies To Wrestle In Separate Bouts Scheduled Tonight; The Southeast Missourian, July 11, 1953

Girls Please Crowd At Wrestling Show With Holds Galore; The Southeast Missourian, July 13, 1953

Girl Wrestlers To Feature Card; Wilmington Sunday Star, September 6, 1953

Advert; The Portsmouth Times, October 23, 1953

Everybody In The Act; Baltimore Afro-American, December 5, 1953

Baltimore Afro-American, December 5, 1953


Babs Wingo Goes From Hat-Check Girl To Mat Star In Three Years; St. Joseph News-Press, March 31, 1954

Clary Faces Eckert Tonight In Bid For Top Mat Rating; St. Joseph Gazette, April 2, 1954

Gal Grapplers In Washington Show; The Afro American, September 4, 1954

Bence, Tex Sign For Mat Bout; Daytona Beach Morning Journal, September 8, 1954

Advert; The Miami News, September 10, 1954

Staffer Finds Female Wrestlers Are Human; St. Petersburg Times, September 10, 1954

Three-Match Card On Wrestling Show; The Miami News, September 10, 1954

Girl Wrestlers Tangle Tonight; Daytona Beach Morning Journal, September 11, 1954

St. Joseph Produces Three National Mat Headliners; St. Joseph Gazette, December 7, 1954

Etchinson-Hamilton Title Go Tops Auditorium Mat Card; St. Joseph Gazette, December 17, 1954


All-Star Card In Wrestling To Be Featured; Gadsden Times, May 12, 1955

Arena Mat Card Tonight; Youngstown Vindicator, May 12, 1955

Rocca Team Is Defeated; Youngstown Vindicator, May 13, 1955

Wrestling Returns To Arena With Colored Girls Featured; Southeast Weekly Bulletin, September 15, 1955

Ad; The Southeast Missourian, September 23, 1955

Negro Girls Will Wrestle; The Southeast Missourian, September 22, 1955

Talaber, Marconi Meet In Feature At New Boston; The Portsmouth Times, December 22, 1955

The Nevada Daily Mail, January 21, 1955


4 Matches On Y Card Tonight; The Dispatch, January 6, 1958

Wrestling Cards To Help In Polio Drive In Girardeau; The Southeast Missourian, January 16, 1956

Joe Louis To Referee 2 Bouts On Uline Card; Washington Afro-American, January 17, 1956

Bomber Jumped By Wrestler; Baltimore Afro-American, January 28, 1956

Bo Bo Versus Cowboy Lee A 'Battle Of Behemonths'; Baltimore Afro-American, February 25, 1956

New Type Wrestling Feature Set Tonight; St. Joseph News-Press, March 9, 1956

'Tornado' Wrestling A Big Hit; St. Joseph News-Press, March 10, 1956

Three Match Mat Program At Chillicothe; St. Joseph Gazette, March 16, 1956

Matta Tops Polo At Sports Arena; Toledo Blade, April 13, 1956

Rugged Action Is Anticipated On Mat Card At Auditorium; St. Joseph News-Press, May 19, 1956

Larry (Elvis) Hamilton Eager To Battle Atlas; St. Joseph Gazette, December 11, 1956

Mid-West Wrestling Title On Line Tonight; St. Joseph Gazette, December 14, 1956


4 Girls Featured On Stadium Mat Card; The Afro American, June 8, 1957

Advert; Herald-Journal, August 22, 1957

Top Wrestlers In Coliseum Bouts; Baltimore Afro-American, October 1, 1957

Millers Oppose Scotts; The Calgary Herald, October 29, 1957

Refs Outside Ropes For Mat Bout Friday; The Calgary Herald, November 7, 1957


Wrestling Set Tonight After Holiday Layoff; The News and Courier, January 2, 1958

Wrestling Fans Can Watch Four YMCA Bouts Saturday; The Dispatch, January 4, 1958

Gypsy Joe Goes After Clancy's Title Tonight; Herald-Journal, January 11, 1958

Advert; The Dispatch, January 17, 1958

Negro Girls Should Attract Big Crowd At Y Saturday; The Dispatch, January 17, 1958

Girls Tag Team Match And Great Bolo Feature Card; The Dispatch, January 18, 1958

Mat Loser Tonight To Ride Donkey; The Milwaukee Sentinel, March 1, 1958

Carpentier 'Rides' Poffo Onto Donkey; The Milwaukee Sentinel, March 3, 1958

8 Mat Stars On Local Card; The Victoria Advocate, March 26, 1958

Myers Joins Up With Ellis In Grudge Battle; St. Joseph Gazette, December 16, 1958

The Dispatch, January 30, 1959


Advert; The Dispatch, January 30, 1959

Negro Girls On Mat Card Here Tomorrow; The Dispatch, January 30, 1959

Advert; The Calgary Herald, April 30, 1959

All-Star Wrestling Friday; The Calgary Herald, April 30, 1959

One Fall To Decide Main Go; The Calgary Herald, May 1, 1959

Women Booked For Mat Card; Spokane Daily Chronicle, May 5, 1959

Girls Tangle At Herm's; Tri City Herald, May 8, 1959

Gal Grapplers Rattle Rafters; Ethel Wins; Tri City Herald, May 12, 1959

Girl Rasslers Share Billing; The Spokesman-Review, May 12, 1959

Texan Tops Mat Card; The Spokesman-Review, May 13, 1959

Texan, Wallick In Mat Battle; Spokane Daily Chronicle, May 13, 1959


Yukon Eric Battles Bruiser At Arena; The Milwaukee Sentinel, October 29, 1960

Gals Take Over Top Spot On Mat Card; Baltimore Afro-American, December 20, 1960


Nomellini, Gouchos, Mills On Mat Card; The Milwaukee Sentinel, March 22, 1961

Bruiser, Rocca Tangle Tonight; The Milwaukee Sentinel, April 1, 1961

Austin Seeks Revenge In Bout With Myers; St. Joseph Gazette, May 19, 1961

Benefit Mat Show Carded; Youngstown Vindicator, May 21, 1961

Rocca Vs. Bruiser Saturday; The Milwaukee Sentinel, March 26, 1961

DiPaulo Is Mat Winner; Youngstown Vindicator, May 27, 1961

Advert; The Dispatch, September 7, 1962

Calhoun And Jacobs Back For Y BoutThe Dispatch, September 7, 1962

Advert; The Miami News, September 15, 1961

Hated Von Brauners In Feature Match; The Miami News, September 15, 1961

Negro Girls Top Arena Mat Card; Herald-Journal, October 27, 1961

Referee Calls Bout At Arena; Herald-Journal, October 29, 1961

2 Tag Bouts Spice Mat Show Tonight; The Milwaukee Sentinel, November 30, 1961

Bruiser 'Bruised' By Snyder; The Milwaukee Sentinel, December 1, 1961

Snyder Winner In Arena Match; The Milwaukee Journal, December 1, 1961


Maurice, Barend Win Arena Mat Feature; Toledo Blade, April 19, 1962

Foul Helps Neilsons Beat Bruiser, Snyder; Toledo Blade, May 10, 1962

Advert; The Dispatch, September 7, 1962

Two Tag Matches Feature YMCA Wrestling Program; The Dispatch, September 10, 1962

Villians Win Tag Match; Return Contest Slated; The Dispatch, September 11, 1962


Myers In Mat Title Clash With Mills; St. Joseph Gazette, January 20, 1963

Advert; St. Joseph Gazette, January 24, 1963

Tiny Mills Tops Myers In Title Go; St. Joseph Gazette, January 26, 1963

St. Joseph Gazette, January 24, 1963




Wrestling Card Set At King City; St. Joseph News-Press, July 7, 1966

Five Events On Tonight's Mat Slate; St. Joseph Gazette, July 8, 1966

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