Monday, December 3, 2012

The Eight Presidents Before George Washington

Listen, I believe in all kinds of conspiracy theories including the fact that reptilian shapeshifters live among us but when I found out from Prince that there were 8 presidents before George Washington I wanted to smack both myself and the purple perpetrator of funk rock psychedelia until he realized how damned stupid he sounds.

Geo. Wash. almost became a zombie
First off, the several Presidents of the Continental Congress were not Presidents of the United States. Or POTUS for you media heathens. Also, it's not like these guys were some kind of behind-the-scenes controllers, other than they were often in hiding and/or on the run from the British mercenaries, and they certainly weren't unknown by the people of their respective states. Which kind of kills the conspiracy aspect of the notion not to mention that if you've read one book on the Revolutionary War then you know that there were several "Presidents" during that time.

Another aspect that Dick Gregory probably didn't pass along to Mr. Nelson is that the mafia-esque International Banksters have been running the entire show for about 50 years now since they assassinated Kennedy for having the gall to print up U. S. Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes. Other than that the chemtrail mention is a boon for those in the movement of alternative education concerning the way the world really operates.

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