Monday, December 10, 2012

Nancy Grace's Hairclip Phase

I don't watch Nancy Grace very often but on occasion while regurgitating a tasty dog steak I flip her on for some entertainment and sensationalism value. The last two times that I did she was donning a flower emblazoned hair clip. Which is a cute affect on an 8 year old girl or an internet camwhore trying to titillate that portion of her audience whom have a daddy fetish but not so much on a 40 year old woman. At least I think she's 40ish.

Regardless, with that menacing black mascara highlighting her death stare, those wickedly arched eyebrows shrouding the swarthy cavern of her soul and the ever present scowl on her mug it seems a bit out of place. Which, I'm sure, is the whole intent as she unabashedly biases the audience towards her self-proclaimed verdicts of guilt against the latest high profile crime suspects, Jeff Pyne being the present whipping-boy.

Not that it matters to me but since I couldn't find any photos of her with the hair clip I thought that I'd post a few. Go ahead, share them, just link them back to me so that I can raise this to a three or four penny per day grossing operation. Which is amazing in itself considering the product being delivered here.

And a crappy animated gif:

Grace Face


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we were just wondering what the deal is with her sharply arched eyebrows and the little girl barrette. Agreed.

the said...

She kind of looks like Divine from the John Waters movies now.

Anonymous said...

She is the epitome of redneck trailer trash. The stupid looking hair clip is sort of the icing on a very unappealing cake.

the said...

C'mon, you know you want her.