Friday, December 21, 2012

MK Ultra News Articles

One of the first things you hear from alternative media any time something bad happens around the world is, "This has the evil earmarks of MK Ultra written all over it." And rightfully so, since so many of the world's events are manipulated and orchestrated by groups hellbent on controlling every social, political and financial move that is made. 

It also has the effect of creating paranoia on both ends of the spectrum. Paranoia by the believers of a puppet world government and those fearful of the believers becoming extremists against an invisible enemy. The main barrier between these factions is the availability of supporting evidence fr these so-called conspiracy theories. While some will see the truth and still turn away from it others are at least awakened to the possibility that other realms exists within our own reality. 

The idea that MK Ultra is just another kook-bred home-brewed version of Satan in the flesh has been disavowed by the mounting evidence that not only did the CIA conduct experiments on the American populace through sinister means but that these programs are still alive today though the methodology and brazenness of their utilization might have changed. 

I've been collecting some newspaper articles on the matter of CIA mind control and especially MK Ultra as it was first widely exposed in 1977 through FOIA ans well as the press. The New York Times is hardly an enlightened paper but on occasional all tools of the Devil shed some light into the evil of these secret cabals. Whether it's a watershed for their own consciences or merely a warning flag to those eager enough to look into the abyss doesn't really concern me as much as making the material available to those seeking the information.

The New York Times, July 16, 1977


More Details Released On CIA SuicideObserver-Reporter, January 12, 1976

Report Says Agents Ignored LSD Warning; Lawrence Journal-World, January 12, 1976

80 Institutions Used In C.I.A. Mind StudiesThe New York Times, August 4, 1977

Alarm Sounds And CIA Wakes Up In Nightmare AlleyThe New York Times, August 7, 1977

C.I.A. Date Describe Six-Year Drug TestsThe New York Times, August 16, 1977

Why Rockerfeller Tried To Cover Up The CIA Probe; New York Magazine, September 5, 1977 (1)
Why Rockerfeller Tried To Cover Up The CIA ProbeNew York Magazine, September 5, 1977 (2)
Why Rockerfeller Tried To Cover Up The CIA ProbeNew York Magazine, September 5, 1977 (3)

Ex-C.I.A Aide Asks Immunity To TestifyThe New York Times, September 7, 1977

Key Witness In C.I.A. InquiryThe New York Times, September 20, 1977

Abuses In Testing Of Drugs By C.I.A. To Be Panel FocusThe New York Times, September 20, 1977

C.I.A. Sought To Spray Drug On PartygoersThe New York Times, September 21, 1977

Extent of University Work for C.I.A. Is Hard to Pin DownThe New York Times, September 21, 1977

Stanford Reveals CIA LinksThe New Scientist, October 13, 1977

Muskie Too?; Mother Jones, December 1977

Files Tell Of C.I.A. Effort To Offset 'Truth Serum'The New York Times, December 12, 1977

CIA's Mind, Behavior Control Scheme; Frederick Daily Leader, January 8, 1979

Plaintiffs in a Suit on Drug Tests Win Limited Victory Over C.I.A.The New York TimesAugust 10, 1979

Civiletti Say He'll Propose Rules For FOI Act Exemptions; The Herald-Journal, April 10, 1980

The Drug-Test Nightmare; The Sumter Daily Item, August 28, 1982

Inside Montreal's House Of Horrors; The Montreal Gazette, January 21, 1984

Recurring Dream Frightening Reminder Of Real-Life Nightmare; The Montreal Gazette, January 21, 1984

Brainwashed Canadians Sue CIA; New Scientist, February 2, 1984

Ottawa Backed Mind Experiments: PaperThe Montreal Gazette, February 9, 1984

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