Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bipartisan Bonesmen: The 2004 Selling of the American Presidency

Most days I don't have enough time to write an in-depth post let alone a quick one-off and on those occasions I like to put up some sort of book or magazine folly. Today's is a little more on the serious side. Dead serious. That is... New World Order serious.

Skull and Bones, is an 180 year old secret fraternity which originated in Germany but took it's American roots at Yale in 1832. Founded by William Huntington Russel and Alphonso Taft (father of President William Howard Taft) as an alternative to the existing debate teams, which the pair had a disagreement with the prior year, with many of its members having gone on to prominent careers in politics, business and banking. Far too prominent say some as they believe the group is actively steering public policy and have great influence over aspects of the United States government.

Noted members of the group include past presidents, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, William Howard Taft and Presidental candidate John Kerry, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, CIA Chief James Jesus Angleton and Secretary of war Harry Stimson among others.

This following is a 2004 expose from The New American magazine -- which is a wing of the John Birch Society -- concerning the first "all Bonesman" presidential race. Both were famously asked about the group by Tim Russert and each swore secrecy on the matter.

Obviously you'll have to click on the picture (right click and open in a new window is the best option now on Blogger) to read it clearly. Enjoy.

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