Saturday, December 22, 2012

5 Common Things that are More Dangerous than Guns

Owning a firearm is an awesome responsibility. It not only equips man with the power to defend his own life and property but in collective terms it's allowed mankind to fend off obtrusive governments which for tens of thousands of years plundered their people as they saw fit. History has proven time and again that when gun rights are curbed the propensity for governmental induced genocide increases exponentially.

The obverse to this right is the potential for criminal elements among the population to abuse the freedom. The United States is a prime example. With nearly 11,000 homicides by firearm per year it's considered by much of the world, thanks to government controlled media outlets, to be a virtual human slaughterhouse though when considering the fact that there are nearly 300,000,000 guns in circulation and that they account for only 0.4% (homicides account for approx. 1/3 of gun related deaths with suicide being the most common death by firearm; the total number being 1.2%) of deaths per year in the country the impact is greatly lessened.

Which brings me to the point of this post: common things more dangerous than firearms.


17,000 deaths annually in the United States

Though drug usage accounts for less deaths than total firearm casualties it tops both suicides (16,586) and homicides (10,801) by guns. A fact which can be countered with, "but there's a war on drugs in America." Obviously, it's not helping.



This one was a real shocker to me despite the fact that AIDS-related deaths are included in the total. There are roughly 11,000 AIDS-related deaths per year with the great majority being adult homosexual men. Considering the absolute disregard for common sense in the matter of consensual sexual relations you'd think this would be a media bugaboo but it apparently isn't a hot button issue due to political demographics.



This is a no-brainer if you ever ventured out as one of the initiated to drive among the rabble. People are clearly dangerous and have other more important things to do while driving. The fact that 5 people die per hour while driving should have people clamoring for stiffer driving laws and restrictions but since automobiles are seen as a necessity, not to mention a vital industry in the American economy, the media and the populace overlook the startling statistics.

Add in the number of school bus accidents per year, 26,000, and every parent should be wringing their hands every time Johnny hops on a bus. Fortunately, bus fatalities among schoolchildren are generally less than 50 per year which is still an alarming number though much less than 50 years ago when deadly bus crashes were more frequent.



This is a staggering amount and completely caught me off guard.

Misdiagnosis of illness, giving the wrong drug or conflicting drugs, performing the wrong surgery, transplanting organs to the wrong blood type, incorrect record-keeping and lost surgical instruments/supplies being left in the body are some of the more common medical errors.



Although not grouped as one in statistics I've done so for that sake of keeping my list to 5 things. Alcohol contributes to roughly 85,000 deaths per year while smoking tobacco leads to 435,000. We all know this and some of us choose to continue down that path. Which is your choice. Just know that you are roughly 8 times more likely to die as a result of alcohol and nearly 40 times more prone to death through tobacco than being murdered with a gun.

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