Monday, December 31, 2012

My Dictionaries: The Grand Panjandrum Pt. 1

You don't always find an obscure dictionary for 20 cents but I do! I'm not sure how many of these sorts there are but maybe I should seek to find out the answer. My guess is hundreds. I think I'll do inventory on my own collection in the next installment so I can begin to tally them up.

I don't recall ever seeing this one before but I wasn't about to pass up a sturdy hardcover with most of its dust jacket intact. It was compiled by Dr. J. N. Hook and published in 1980. Here's a sample of some of the  2,000 words contained within:

1. elflocks  n  "Let me comb out the elflocks," a mother says to her child. Hair matted, as after a night's sleep, is sometimes called by this attractive name.

2. usufruct  n  The legal right to use something, as the income of an estate: <The will granted him the usufruct of 260 acres of land during his lifetime, with certain restrictions.>

3. subauditur  n  Latin for "it is understood." A subauditur is anything that is implied or understood in connection with what is said openly--a hidden meaning: <Somewhere in his words, I was sure, was a subauditur that I was failing to grasp.>

4. halation  n  Sometimes in a photograph (or around something very light pictured on a TV screen) there is a kind of halo--excessive light, usually circular in shape. This spread of light is a halation, from the Greek and Latin words for halo.

5. sangfroid  n  Literally "cold blood" in French, sangfroid in English means great calmness under strain, self-possession, almost cold-blooded refusal to act emotionally: <When the theater caught fire, his sangroid was unbelievable.>

6. misguggle  vt  A Scottish expression based on guggle or gruggle "to crumple, rumple." One misguggles if he/she handles something or someone awkwardly or roughly: <Don't misguggle the eggs, Lad.>

7. rootle  vi  To rootle is to dig in and around somewhat as a pig does: <She rootled through the old dresses in her ancient steamer trunk.>

8. coulee or coulie  n  In the Midwest and West this word may have any of these meanings: (1) a small stream that sometimes dries up, (2) the bed of such a stream, (3) a ravine or small, steep valley, often with a stream at the base of the coteaux, or (4) a (usually) solidified stream or sheet of lava.

9. boreen  n  Sure and we can say lane or country road, but Irish boreen "narrow rural road, especially in hilly country" paints an especially pleasant picture even for us Irishmen by adoption.

10. refacimento or rifacimento  n  Literally "making over." A bit of Tchaichovsky, for example, is reworked and emerges as a popular song, or a novel is rewritten as a stage play or a movie. Any uch reworking of a piece if music or literature, especially when it is adapted to a different form or medium, is a refacimento.

11. gewgaw or geegaw  n  A piece of trashy jewelry or any other small, showy, and nearly worthless object. By extension, anything whether real or abstract may be a gewgaw if it is small and not worth much: <Unfortunately, many people today consider poetry a gewgaw.>

12. transmontane or tramontane  adj,  cismontane  adj  The first two words originally meant pertaining to the area beyond any mountain or mountain range. Cismontane means on this side of the mountains: <our cismontane friends>.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Batman's Great-Grandfather Founded Skull and Bones

This revelation is way too diabolical to even fabricate in Hollywood. In the 33rd episode of the Batman television series, starring Adam West, entitled Fine Finny Fiends (1966), two attendees of Bruce Wayne's "millionaire's gathering", Aunt Harriet Cooper and one of the party goers are engaged in a discussion concerning Bruce's great-grandfather:

Bonesman and Gotham City founding father, Alan Wayne

Party Goer: "That is Bruce Wayne's grandfather, Mrs. Cooper?"

Aunt Harriet: "His great-grandfather."

Party Goer: "I understand he was tapped for Skull & Bones."

Aunt Harriet: "Tapped for it? Sir, he founded Skull & Bones."

If the irony of the 33rd (the number of a master level Mason) episode and the title of the episode Fine Finny Fiends (F is the 6th letter of the alphabet; hence 6-6-6) wasn't lost on you then the fact that great grandpappy, Alan Wayne, was one of the three founding fathers of modern Gotham City might amuse you as well.

As the story line evolves, the three founders, Wayne, Theodore Cobblepot and Edward Eliot, set out to reshape the city and hired two stepbrother architects, Nicholas Anders and Bradley Gates, to build three bridges carrying the namesake of the triumvirate, each being a gateway into the city. Aptly, the bridges were nicknamed the Gates of Gotham. A name the stepbrothers would also soon share as brother Anders legally changed his surname to Gates to match their accomplishment.

A fourth bridge, a colosal enterprise to connect Gotham to the outer suburbs and create the greatest city in the world, was proposed by the founders but was met with skepticism by Bradley Gates. He felt the project was not to the brother's benefit and tried to persuade Nicholas towards other causes. Meanwhile, the three founders were conflicted by their own land holdings and jealousies towards which direction the super bridge should exit the city.

Enter Cameron Kane, the owner of the county north of Gotham, and an unscrupulous purveyor of gambling, prostitution and violence, into the fray. A bridge in his direction would obviously boost his standing in the region and thus he boisterously lobbied for the bridge while the others positioned themselves to claim the prize as well. With each man unwilling to cede the bridge to the other, lest they gain an unfair political and financial benefit, the decision was left to brother Nicholas. His admiration for Alan Wayne ultimately swayed his decision much to Kane's chagrin, who proceeded to storm out of Wayne Manor in a huff.

During the construction of the bridge Bradley was killed and Nicholas quickly suspected that Kane was involved in the collapse of the structure. He confided his suspicions with Wayne but was surprisingly rebuked: "Wayne threatens Nicholas to keep his assumptions to himself because secrets can be influential, powerful and dangerous if not kept." Sound like any secret societies you know?

Realizing that the founding fathers were corrupt Nicholas planned his revenge and ultimately killed Kane's son Robert while trying to assassinate his father before being carted off to prison. He once more vowed revenge and forever cursed the founders. Years later, a masked crusader named "The Architect" took up the cause and bombed the three bridges.

Court of Owls molesting Batman
Ironically, Alan Wayne, in later years, developed a fear of birds. Namely, "A Court of Owls," (think Molech, Bohemian grove, The Illuminati) which was named after a children's nursery rhyme. He believed that the birds were roosting in his home which caused further paranoia.

He died after falling into a manhole and his corpse was found several weeks later and identified by dental records. Batman investigated the death, exhumed the body, performed tests and found that Alan died from multiple tiny stab wounds likely caused by the Owl Court assassin, The Talon. Dust on the skeleton also seemed to confirm that the death wasn't caused by the fall into the sewer.

More ironically, William Huntington Russell, the real life founder of Skull and Bones, is said to have died after attempting to fend off a group of boys who were throwing stones at birds in a New Haven, Connecticut park. He fell unconscious from a ruptured blood vessel and died several days later.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Media Manipulation Towards Gun Control

The NAZIs were masters of psychological warfare and used the Hegelian dialectic to manipulate mass media to sway large numbers of citizens towards the Reich's endgame. That is, tell a lie enough times and the truth becomes obfuscated and eventually lost in disinformation.

Our media is somewhat more subtle in their approach to propaganda. They provide both the lie and the murky middle of reasonable doubt and then place the truth in a rowboat outside an island and tell you that to believe it is to be a conspiracy theorist. In this way facts become optional and the official media line on all matters becomes the gospel.

In the news caption below a bus accident in Oregon is manipulated to look like a crime scene with the terminology "wounded." A term usually reserved for shootings or terrorist attacks. What other reason to spin a story than to condition readers towards the traumatic reaction towards a mass shooting?

Once the story is accessed the terminology is shifted to proper verbiage, the injury and death totals are listed and suggestive tone is ingrained in the subconscience of the reader. Not that Yahoo is a credible news source by any means but it's well-read and a formidable creator of citizen zombies.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

5 Common Things that are More Dangerous than Guns

Owning a firearm is an awesome responsibility. It not only equips man with the power to defend his own life and property but in collective terms it's allowed mankind to fend off obtrusive governments which for tens of thousands of years plundered their people as they saw fit. History has proven time and again that when gun rights are curbed the propensity for governmental induced genocide increases exponentially.

The obverse to this right is the potential for criminal elements among the population to abuse the freedom. The United States is a prime example. With nearly 11,000 homicides by firearm per year it's considered by much of the world, thanks to government controlled media outlets, to be a virtual human slaughterhouse though when considering the fact that there are nearly 300,000,000 guns in circulation and that they account for only 0.4% (homicides account for approx. 1/3 of gun related deaths with suicide being the most common death by firearm; the total number being 1.2%) of deaths per year in the country the impact is greatly lessened.

Which brings me to the point of this post: common things more dangerous than firearms.


17,000 deaths annually in the United States

Though drug usage accounts for less deaths than total firearm casualties it tops both suicides (16,586) and homicides (10,801) by guns. A fact which can be countered with, "but there's a war on drugs in America." Obviously, it's not helping.



This one was a real shocker to me despite the fact that AIDS-related deaths are included in the total. There are roughly 11,000 AIDS-related deaths per year with the great majority being adult homosexual men. Considering the absolute disregard for common sense in the matter of consensual sexual relations you'd think this would be a media bugaboo but it apparently isn't a hot button issue due to political demographics.



This is a no-brainer if you ever ventured out as one of the initiated to drive among the rabble. People are clearly dangerous and have other more important things to do while driving. The fact that 5 people die per hour while driving should have people clamoring for stiffer driving laws and restrictions but since automobiles are seen as a necessity, not to mention a vital industry in the American economy, the media and the populace overlook the startling statistics.

Add in the number of school bus accidents per year, 26,000, and every parent should be wringing their hands every time Johnny hops on a bus. Fortunately, bus fatalities among schoolchildren are generally less than 50 per year which is still an alarming number though much less than 50 years ago when deadly bus crashes were more frequent.



This is a staggering amount and completely caught me off guard.

Misdiagnosis of illness, giving the wrong drug or conflicting drugs, performing the wrong surgery, transplanting organs to the wrong blood type, incorrect record-keeping and lost surgical instruments/supplies being left in the body are some of the more common medical errors.



Although not grouped as one in statistics I've done so for that sake of keeping my list to 5 things. Alcohol contributes to roughly 85,000 deaths per year while smoking tobacco leads to 435,000. We all know this and some of us choose to continue down that path. Which is your choice. Just know that you are roughly 8 times more likely to die as a result of alcohol and nearly 40 times more prone to death through tobacco than being murdered with a gun.

Friday, December 21, 2012

MK Ultra News Articles

One of the first things you hear from alternative media any time something bad happens around the world is, "This has the evil earmarks of MK Ultra written all over it." And rightfully so, since so many of the world's events are manipulated and orchestrated by groups hellbent on controlling every social, political and financial move that is made. 

It also has the effect of creating paranoia on both ends of the spectrum. Paranoia by the believers of a puppet world government and those fearful of the believers becoming extremists against an invisible enemy. The main barrier between these factions is the availability of supporting evidence fr these so-called conspiracy theories. While some will see the truth and still turn away from it others are at least awakened to the possibility that other realms exists within our own reality. 

The idea that MK Ultra is just another kook-bred home-brewed version of Satan in the flesh has been disavowed by the mounting evidence that not only did the CIA conduct experiments on the American populace through sinister means but that these programs are still alive today though the methodology and brazenness of their utilization might have changed. 

I've been collecting some newspaper articles on the matter of CIA mind control and especially MK Ultra as it was first widely exposed in 1977 through FOIA ans well as the press. The New York Times is hardly an enlightened paper but on occasional all tools of the Devil shed some light into the evil of these secret cabals. Whether it's a watershed for their own consciences or merely a warning flag to those eager enough to look into the abyss doesn't really concern me as much as making the material available to those seeking the information.

The New York Times, July 16, 1977


More Details Released On CIA SuicideObserver-Reporter, January 12, 1976

Report Says Agents Ignored LSD Warning; Lawrence Journal-World, January 12, 1976

80 Institutions Used In C.I.A. Mind StudiesThe New York Times, August 4, 1977

Alarm Sounds And CIA Wakes Up In Nightmare AlleyThe New York Times, August 7, 1977

C.I.A. Date Describe Six-Year Drug TestsThe New York Times, August 16, 1977

Why Rockerfeller Tried To Cover Up The CIA Probe; New York Magazine, September 5, 1977 (1)
Why Rockerfeller Tried To Cover Up The CIA ProbeNew York Magazine, September 5, 1977 (2)
Why Rockerfeller Tried To Cover Up The CIA ProbeNew York Magazine, September 5, 1977 (3)

Ex-C.I.A Aide Asks Immunity To TestifyThe New York Times, September 7, 1977

Key Witness In C.I.A. InquiryThe New York Times, September 20, 1977

Abuses In Testing Of Drugs By C.I.A. To Be Panel FocusThe New York Times, September 20, 1977

C.I.A. Sought To Spray Drug On PartygoersThe New York Times, September 21, 1977

Extent of University Work for C.I.A. Is Hard to Pin DownThe New York Times, September 21, 1977

Stanford Reveals CIA LinksThe New Scientist, October 13, 1977

Muskie Too?; Mother Jones, December 1977

Files Tell Of C.I.A. Effort To Offset 'Truth Serum'The New York Times, December 12, 1977

CIA's Mind, Behavior Control Scheme; Frederick Daily Leader, January 8, 1979

Plaintiffs in a Suit on Drug Tests Win Limited Victory Over C.I.A.The New York TimesAugust 10, 1979

Civiletti Say He'll Propose Rules For FOI Act Exemptions; The Herald-Journal, April 10, 1980

The Drug-Test Nightmare; The Sumter Daily Item, August 28, 1982

Inside Montreal's House Of Horrors; The Montreal Gazette, January 21, 1984

Recurring Dream Frightening Reminder Of Real-Life Nightmare; The Montreal Gazette, January 21, 1984

Brainwashed Canadians Sue CIA; New Scientist, February 2, 1984

Ottawa Backed Mind Experiments: PaperThe Montreal Gazette, February 9, 1984

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Grover Cleveland Elementary School Sniper

St. Petersburg Times, January 30, 1979 (Enlarge)

I know it's passe to mention past school massacres or to even utter the names of the shooters but while searching some old newspapers on Google News Archives I came across one of the first contemporary shootings. Which is of some interest because not only was the would be assassin a female but a teenage girl to boot.

The incident occurred on January 29, 1979 in San Diego, California at Grover Cleveland Elementary school. The shooter, a 16-year-old high school student named Brenda Spencer, a relative loner with few friends who had a long-standing fascination with guns and television violence, began firing at the school grounds from her father's home across the street. At the end of the 15 minute rampage 40 shots had been fired and two people lay dead. Though a lengthy standoff ensued between police and the suspect it ended in a peaceful surrender

Struck and killed were principal Burton Wragg as he rushed from the building to help several children who had been shot and custodian Mike Suchar who attempted to pull the downed administrator to safety. One young girl at the scene recalled Suchar sprawling on the ground and asking for his shoes though they had remained on his feet. Suchar was known as Mr. Mike by the children and one youngster at a school memorial the following day remembered him as "one of the best custodians this school ever had." and another student, 11-year-old Victoria Guerrero wondered if his family would be taken care of.

St. Petersburg Times, January 30, 1979 (enlarge)

Patrolman Robert Robb was one of the first policeman to arrive at the scene and was wounded in the neck but survived his injuries. 8 children were also wounded. Among them, Crystal Hardy, 10, Audrey Stites, 7, and Julie Robles, 10, were released from the hospital after their wounds were treated. Charles "Cam" Miller, 9, was hospitalized with a wound to his left shoulder as was Craig Verner, 8, who was listed in good condition. Both were later released as well.

Mary Clark, 8, was also wounded but bleeding slightly with little pain she was too frightened to tell anybody until several hours later when the children were transferred to another building. She was hospitalized with an abdominal wound, treated and released. Christy Buell and Monica Selvig, both 9, were the most seriously injured and remained in the hospital in critical but stable condition after surgery.

It was a frosty morning the day of the shooting and Buell was pretending to ice skate in the grass along with classmate Cam Miller when the shooting started just before 9AM. After being shot in the stomach and buttocks she crawled towards the school and her cries caught the attention of a teacher who pulled the young girl into the school while two more shots rang out overhead and struck the door.

Spencer, a petite redhead, was known as a strange girl with wild mood swings who fantasized about shooting cops. Apparently troubled by the dissolution of her parent's marriage and the absence of her mother  in daily life, friends said that her behavior worsened when she was high and incidents such as burning cat's tails were not unusual for Brenda. She loved police dramas such as SWAT and would exclaim, "Oh wow!" whenever a police officer was shot. A few weeks beforehand she had told whoever would listen that she was going to do something big that would land her on television.

Her words became prophetic when news crews broadcast the standoff that ensued and even contacted Spencer on the telephone. It was during one of several interviews that she flippantly replied, "I just did it for the fun of it. I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day. I have to go now. I shot a pig (policeman) I think and I want to shoot more. I'm having too much fun (to surrender)." Remarks that would inspire the Boomtown Rats' hit song I Don't Like Mondays.

Spencer was tried as an adult and plead guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. She was sentenced 25 year to life. She has come up for parole on four different occasions but was denied each time. A lack of remorse hasn't helped her cause and neither does the fact that she maintains that her drug usage at the time was the catalyst for the attack.

A bizarre postscript to the tragedy occurred in June 1980 when Spencer's father Wallace married his daughter's former juvenile cellmate and 17-year-old runaway Sheila McCoy whom he had impregnated. A fact which startled the District Attorney but apparently didn't cross any legal boundaries. McCoy apparently abandoned the child at Spencer's home after giving birth.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bipartisan Bonesmen: The 2004 Selling of the American Presidency

Most days I don't have enough time to write an in-depth post let alone a quick one-off and on those occasions I like to put up some sort of book or magazine folly. Today's is a little more on the serious side. Dead serious. That is... New World Order serious.

Skull and Bones, is an 180 year old secret fraternity which originated in Germany but took it's American roots at Yale in 1832. Founded by William Huntington Russel and Alphonso Taft (father of President William Howard Taft) as an alternative to the existing debate teams, which the pair had a disagreement with the prior year, with many of its members having gone on to prominent careers in politics, business and banking. Far too prominent say some as they believe the group is actively steering public policy and have great influence over aspects of the United States government.

Noted members of the group include past presidents, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, William Howard Taft and Presidental candidate John Kerry, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, CIA Chief James Jesus Angleton and Secretary of war Harry Stimson among others.

This following is a 2004 expose from The New American magazine -- which is a wing of the John Birch Society -- concerning the first "all Bonesman" presidential race. Both were famously asked about the group by Tim Russert and each swore secrecy on the matter.

Obviously you'll have to click on the picture (right click and open in a new window is the best option now on Blogger) to read it clearly. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Dictionaries: Poplollies and Bellibones Pt. 1

Seeing as I have more books than brains, topics than time and spend most every other weekend with my clone it's probably wise to set aside a few days per fortnight for something captivating and quick.

Since I am equipped with dozens of alternative dictionaries of obscure, forgotten and slang words I might as well utilize them to attract the brainier elements of the interwebs. Here starts that endeavor.

Poplollies and Bellibones: A Celebration of Lost Words by Susan Kelz Sperling is a book that I've had in my possession for probably a dozen years but  for at least the past 5 years it was stuffed into a box while other things got taken care of. This wasn't an oversight by any means but human evolution oft kinks the pathway to tomorrow and yesterday that knot unraveled and here we three beings are.

To generalize the content of the book is quite easy: it's airy, light-hearted and chock full of Old, Middle and Modern English words that have gone out of style. It is a bit silly, purposely so with accompanying whimsical illustrations, and the writing is a bit Dr. Suessian in that the protocol is generally for several archaic words to be slapped into a paragraph or two of amalgamated and clashing styles though the method varies.

This word group consists of golilla, barilla, muckender, coverslut, penistone, barthlomew-pig, spittle and slibber-sauce. Have at it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Painting by Lazlo

I don't buy art since I'm a peasant. If I was awash in dollars, pounds or yen I still wouldn't collect art but I might dabble after buying every book and piece of ephemera that I desired. As is, I only purchase thrift store art when the price is very right and the art is of questionable merit and value. This is an exception. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece but I think it's a pretty skilled portrait and for 99 cents it was a no-brainer purchase.

The problem is I have no clue who the artist Lazlo is. The back of the frame is stamped Shadowood Galleries Inc. When Googled it brings up a Dearborn, Michigan based business that was incorporated in 1975 by a John J. Mazur. Which might be a good start to tracking down Lazlo but if it was a gallery the odds that the owner would remember every artist or item that went through his establishment is likely small. Plus it's been 37 years and many things can happen in that span of time, namely the demise of millions.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nancy Grace's Hairclip Phase

I don't watch Nancy Grace very often but on occasion while regurgitating a tasty dog steak I flip her on for some entertainment and sensationalism value. The last two times that I did she was donning a flower emblazoned hair clip. Which is a cute affect on an 8 year old girl or an internet camwhore trying to titillate that portion of her audience whom have a daddy fetish but not so much on a 40 year old woman. At least I think she's 40ish.

Regardless, with that menacing black mascara highlighting her death stare, those wickedly arched eyebrows shrouding the swarthy cavern of her soul and the ever present scowl on her mug it seems a bit out of place. Which, I'm sure, is the whole intent as she unabashedly biases the audience towards her self-proclaimed verdicts of guilt against the latest high profile crime suspects, Jeff Pyne being the present whipping-boy.

Not that it matters to me but since I couldn't find any photos of her with the hair clip I thought that I'd post a few. Go ahead, share them, just link them back to me so that I can raise this to a three or four penny per day grossing operation. Which is amazing in itself considering the product being delivered here.

And a crappy animated gif:

Grace Face

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why I Hate Ty Bollinger

No, I'm not some physician with a beef against alternative medicine but rather a petty belligerent who picks at the small stuff to sustain his hubris-inspired soul. Hence, why I hate Ty Bollinger.

It's not his independent cancer studies or the fact that he's not a doctor or his successful books that sell for $20+ on Amazon or even his Carnivora commercials that play during every talk radio show commercial break though this last part is the root of my disdain for the man. No sir, it's because he says Rawn-ald Reagan. Here, have a listen:

You see? RAWN-ALD Reagan! Gah! 'The fawk is that? I've never heard somebody say RAWN-ALD Reagan and I don't want to ever hear it uttered again. I hate accents. Except on hot chicks. I want everybody to speak the Queen's English.

Not those vulgar tones of tongue the English speak but as it's written and pronounced in a dictionary. Which includes you Michiganders who add an "s" on to every word so that it becomes a plural. You are heathens. In fact, I think that anybody who speaks with these accents and regional vocal quirks is not human and should be flogged.

Seriously, how the hell did the great chasm between the written and spoken word come into being? I know, when Middle English transformed to Modern English blah blah blah. I don't really need your explanation. Just fix it, all right?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Worst Side of Detroit: A Review of Black Muscle by Lawrence Blaine

If you've ever come across an Iceberg Slim book and were intrigued by the seedy underbelly of blaxploitation but not the street language used to convey the story (as if!) then Black Muscle is a perfect read for that genre.

This is a straightforward fiction peppered with the 1970s lingo of intercity working class blacks that are often in varying degrees of conflict with the staid white boy power structure in an auto plant.

Turk Edwards, a former boxer turned murderer then ex-convict and finally union tough is brought back to work for his old cronies at the factory and to put some muscle into the campaign of his comrade's   local guild election.

Both sides use intimidation but Turk is willing to inflict fatal punishment on both his adversaries and opponents to advance the black worker's agenda for workplace equality.

Through a series of drives to work with his crew fellow workers we learn about the lives of four men indentured, both fixed and temporarily, to the corporation but with divergent ideas and pathways to betterment.

Each man has his travails but only the protagonist Turk is ready to sacrifice everything to get what he wants. Through a fatal amalgamation of brawn and manic hubris he refuses to be denied attaining his goals while also destroying the dreams of others. His path of destruction leads to retaliation and a final clash between the murky middle and chafed evil with both sides willing to split Hell wide open.

The only part of the book that was overly disappointing was the climax where the writer condensed the ending in such a typical and contrived manner that seemed to be born of either boredom with the story or a deadline to meet. Mind you, this isn't some undiscovered literary diamond buried in the wastelands of lost light but it's a strong piece of fiction from a genre that I rarely delve into. Hopefully I can find his other main fictional release Sweet Street Blues on the cheap as well.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sometimes I Feel Like A BLOB

Even though I'm still kicking through the rape, murder, premature ejaculation and union schlock of Black Muscle I'm always on the lookout for more books. Books to sell, trade, showcase and on the rare occasion, read. This one was a no-brainer in the pick-me-up department. With a feces-like persona signifying a troubled person with low self-esteem on the cover I knew it'd be a winner and it is.

The book's premise is that kids have problems and Jesus has the answer. Through Ethel Barrett, that is. She was apparently a radio, television and spoken word personality of sorts. One of her target audiences was teens. With teens come problems and like Don Lonie taught us: the answer starts with a solid religious foundation.

As with vinyl records some of the best titles and strange methodologies for solving life's issues are/were produced by religionists. You don't have to agree with them to appreciate the art form and I suspect that the self-deprecating approach is what made many of these simplistic reads popular fare. Here's a few of the better selections:

Maybe I'll post the entire book sometime.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Eight Presidents Before George Washington

Listen, I believe in all kinds of conspiracy theories including the fact that reptilian shapeshifters live among us but when I found out from Prince that there were 8 presidents before George Washington I wanted to smack both myself and the purple perpetrator of funk rock psychedelia until he realized how damned stupid he sounds.

Geo. Wash. almost became a zombie
First off, the several Presidents of the Continental Congress were not Presidents of the United States. Or POTUS for you media heathens. Also, it's not like these guys were some kind of behind-the-scenes controllers, other than they were often in hiding and/or on the run from the British mercenaries, and they certainly weren't unknown by the people of their respective states. Which kind of kills the conspiracy aspect of the notion not to mention that if you've read one book on the Revolutionary War then you know that there were several "Presidents" during that time.

Another aspect that Dick Gregory probably didn't pass along to Mr. Nelson is that the mafia-esque International Banksters have been running the entire show for about 50 years now since they assassinated Kennedy for having the gall to print up U. S. Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes. Other than that the chemtrail mention is a boon for those in the movement of alternative education concerning the way the world really operates.