Sunday, November 25, 2012

InstaGC: The Perfect Free Gift Card Site

If you're a disgruntled former SuperPoints member like me who spent months spinning that stupid points wheel, watching videos and completing offers only to have them turn around and shut the site down without warning then you're probably looking for a rebound freebie site. InstaGC is the perfect replacement.

Somebody mentioned InstaGC (it stands for Insta Gift Card) on a disgruntled former SuperPoints member forum and I decided to check them out. What a world of difference they are compared to SP. Not only is it easier to earn points but you can cash out with a minimum of 100 and select a free gift card from many top stores like Amazon, WalMart, eBay, Game Stop, Target and dozens more.

Unlike SuperPoints and other sites of that ilk you don't have to labor to reach a hundred points. If you have an hour to spend you can easily get a few hundred points and cash them in for a gift card without any waiting period or b.s. point threshold that takes days upon days to reach.

I've only been on there a few weeks and while only visiting about every other day I've already received $16 in gift cards with very little effort. I've seen other members cashing out $10, $25 and even $50 gift cards after only a week or so. Anyway, here's my stats from just under two weeks on the site:

I've already cashed in the gift cards so there's no point hiding the code. Feel free to enter them into your Amazon account and see that they were legitimate codes used by an Amazon buyer. If that doesn't convince you then go give it a try yourself. 

Click here to start. Good luck.

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